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03-11-10, 21:05
Hi would anyone have access to passenger lists from WW1?

An ancestor of mine Donald McKinnon Anderson emmigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1911 and thanks to members of the forum I found him on board a ship in 1911.

However I now know that he served in WW1 as part of the Canadian Army and I think he sailed aboard a ship called the SS Empress on or around 31st October 1916 from Canada to England as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He stayed in England until 3/4/1917 and then departed for France and he stayed with the Canadian Engineers until 4/5/1919.

Can anyone help or suggest any ideas



03-11-10, 21:30
Hi Steven

Not sure if the same applies in Canada, but in Australia, the passenger lists of those departing to WW1 are part of the military records.

Our "Embarkation Rolls" are available with other WW1 records on our Australian War Memorial Website. They list the Ship, date, regiment etc, rank and date of enlist, and next of kin.

Unless the Canadia military has released these kinds of WW1 records, I don't the lists of those travelling to war would be publically available.


03-11-10, 21:59
Thanks Di wasn't sure if that information was available


Christine in Herts
04-11-10, 00:00
There are Canadian soldiers home-coming in the passenger lists on the Canadian Archives site - but not indexed by passenger name. You can get to see the passenger list images indexed by date(s), ship-name, port(s)


04-11-10, 09:17
Thanks Christine do you have the link to the site?


Christine in Herts
04-11-10, 21:15
That's the general genealogy page:

The actual search page (which can take a bit of finding if you don't follow the same train of thought as the person who set up the site!):


04-11-10, 21:17
Thanks Christine appreciate your help and will check it out