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03-11-10, 18:50
is anyone likely to be visiting here please?

if at all possible can someone check a marriage for me and also some workhouse records.

The marriage is between a Frederick POOLE and a Sarah SHEPHERD the marriage took place in Birmingham, sept q 1864.

GRO REF: 6d 102

in the 1871 census they are living in the ladywood sub reg district. the ecclesiastical dist is St Barnabas.

Home address in 1871:

107 Morville Street, (and was a Petroleum Lamp Shop)


The next item is a bit complex:

I have a John WHYBURN/WHYBORN born 1852 he ALWAYS gives his POB as Birmingham.

there is a J. WHYBURN in All Saints, Birmingham district workhouse on the 1861 census, he doesnt have any parent with him, I dont know if he is belonging to me or not as I can't find a John Whyburn with family members.


any help would be greatfully appreciated.

05-11-10, 21:21
Finding a marriage is a tall order at Brum Library unless you know the church - there are a lot of them at that period. The parish registers are mostly on film and the viewers have manual winders - a time-consuming and arm-aching job! You could try this site (http://warwickshire-info.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.htm), you might just be lucky.

It might be possible to narrow it down from the GRO reference, see here (http://warwickshire-info.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/gro_index.htm).

On the other hand you could order the cert from Birmingham Register office, their marriages are indexed and they will require the GRO reference. Very quick service, usually by return of post.

06-11-10, 01:25
Could these two be brother and sister?

Births Sep 1851

John Birmingham (javascript:golink("/cgi/districts.pl?r=17568763&d=bmd_1286274134")) 16416 (javascript:gopage(1851,3,0,'16','416',1))

Births Dec 1854
Whyborn Janet Thomson Birmingham (javascript:golink("/cgi/districts.pl?r=22319684&d=bmd_1286274134")) 6d179 (javascript:gopage(1854,4,0,'6d','179',1))

If I get a chance next week I'll have a look - otherwise I'm definitely in Brum on 19th.

09-11-10, 12:57
Blackberry, thanks for that info, I havent been quite able to work out the GRO list thing, but its worth keeping in mind thanks.


I dont know if they are connected or not, it might be likely that they are, I have found another marriage this time for a John WHYBORN in Dec Q 1853 Birm. This might be my Johns father but without a little more information I am loathe to buy the certificate for it to be wrong. (John b.1852) married Sarah POOLE nee Shepherd/Sheppard.

I would appreciate any addtional info that could be found.

10-11-10, 19:02
Went to Birmingham today.

Got transcriptions of both weddings. After struggling to find them for quite some time - a man next to me helped and was able to give me the churches as he had info on his laptop!!! Unfortunately he couldn't help with the birth.

Frederick Poole's was in archives and no photocopying allowed as in original ledger.

John Whyborn's image was too dark to get a readable photo.

Apparently the workhouse records are unlikely to glean any info as only the Minutes survive and rarely mentions individuals.

Nor could I find John Whyborn bc1851/2's baptism - I checked St Johns Ladywood records only start in 1854, St Margaret's Ladywood records start in 1876, St Marks Spring Hill and St Lukes but some I couldn't read as too dark. My eyesight isn't the best either so not a good combination.

Send me you email addy and I'll send the transcriptions. I've made attempts at what I couldn't read.

11-11-10, 15:48
Thank you JBee I have sent you a pm