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17-10-10, 18:23
If anyone can kindly help with a lookup of a Chorlton, Lancashire marriage I would appreciate it. I know I can purchase the marr cert, but daren't spend any more at the moment.

The marriage took place Sept qtr 1887 at St Clement, Greenheys, Manchester. It is registered under the Chorlton district according to Freebmd. William H Kettle to Susan Mc'lellan. According to Genuki, the records may be at Manchester central Library?

Thanks very much for reading.


27-10-10, 05:54
When I was in Manchester in July - I found the City Library has moved (for three years for major renovations) to Elliot House at Deansgate for 3 years. If anyone is able to help you with your request I would appreciate hearing from them as I have a marriage I would appreciate being copied. Thank you. JAG

Pat Hope
28-10-10, 13:58
I was at the local archives yesterday the first time since the relocation. When the microfilm unit was at central library you didn't have to book but now you have to. I called in yesterday on the off chance that there might be a reader free, but there wasn't. I was told that Saturdays are quiet so I might be able to go next week.

29-10-10, 04:17
Pat, I was there in July and the lady let me search for & copy a Marriage in Prestwich without an appointment. Probably as I am from Australia she was more flexible. I'm quite amazed at the coincidence that I had an ancestor married at Prestwich and I've now found out that my husband had one married there too - ten years apart 1848 and 1838. It's a small world!!