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Glen in Tinsel Knickers
15-10-10, 10:00
Now completed

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone could take a photo or two inside St John The Baptist Church at Collngham for me please?

I have a couple of rellies buried inside the church, Thomas and Grace Blagg (nee Goulson).

Is anyone able to take a couple of pics of the church interior/wall plaques etc that may be there at all?


Elaine ..Spain
15-10-10, 10:36
Glen, have you checked our Research Offers: Photographs (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/733) page.
We have a member in the Newark area who may be able to help.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
16-10-10, 10:49
I'm so confused i can't even post on the right board!!!!!!!

Put it down to brain fade, old age and liquid sunshine this far north.

Will have a look at the board properly.

Elaine ..Spain
16-10-10, 10:51
Didn't realise you had posted on Research Offers, Glen.
Will move it over to Research Requests for you!

Chrissie Smiff
17-10-10, 13:30
Hi Glen
We were thinking of going for a drive on Tuesday and I was planning to ask hubby when he gets home tonight (he's out all day) if he would mind taking me to South Collingham to photograph the inside of the church for you. However, many churches these days are locked most of the week so I have tried googling for someone to e-mail, to find out beforehand whether or when it would be open. Unfortunately I can't find a single reference for an e-mail address that might cover this parish at all :confused: Any suggestions? As, although it's not a million miles away (only about 35) it is a good hours drive as it's cross country, so a long way to go if it's closed when we get there :D

Chrissie Smiff
18-10-10, 17:07
Just to let you know Glen that after a few phone calls I have arranged for the church warden to meet us there to let us in tomorrow.
Will do what I can to find your ancestors.

Chrissie Smiff
19-10-10, 19:53
Mission accomplished Glen :D (though it nearly wasn’t).
The Church Warden arrived and opened the church for us and all three of us searched high and lo but we couldn’t find a plaque of your rellies anywhere. She even searched through the records but unfortunately they only went back to the early 1900. Not liking to hold her up any longer I took a few hurried shots inside of the aisle, altar and chancel and one of the font, in case your ancestors had been married or christened there. We thanked her and after she left we decided to check the very large churchyard, in case they weren’t inside but out. Hubby did two large areas and I did the other two but without success. Just as we were about to give up and go back through the gates hubby said “What about that smaller area in front of the church”. I told him that all the graves there were so old that you couldn’t read them and our feet were getting wet in the long grass ;). However, luckily we decided to have a last look and lo and behold, right in the far corner, there they were, 3 identical graves of the Blagg family. We took photographs of them but in case you couldn’t see the detail I took notes (see below).

Would you let me know please whether you want them posting here or whether you would prefer to give me your e-mail address so that I can send them full size. Usually when I take photos for other people I try to improve them but as I know that you are far better at that than I am I assume you would rather I sent them raw? Please don’t expect them to be anywhere near your standard but unless you want to send your Nikon down :D I’ve done my best.
p.s. I can thoroughly recommend the Kings Head at South Collingham. They do a delicious meal ;)

Grave 1
In loving memory of Thomas Blagg of Langford – Formerly of Car Colston – Who died August 28th 1876 aged 74 years.
Also of Sarah, the daughter of the above, who died July 20th 1882 aged 32 years.
Also of Grace, his wife, who died March 15th 1898 aged 85 years.

Grave 2

In loving memory of Grace, daughter of Thomas and Grace Blagg, who died January 26th 1883 aged 38 years.
Also of Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas and Grace Blagg who died at Car Colston May 9th 1932 aged 98 years.
Also of their sister Emily Blagg who died November 24th 1948 aged 93 years.

Grave 3 (assumed they would also be yours in some way)

In memory of Francis Blagg of Danethorpe who died March 12th 1919 aged 27 years.
Also of Mary Blagg, mother of the above and beloved wife of Francis Blagg, who died April 28th 1932 aged 84 years.
Also of Francis Blagg who died December 22nd 1935 aged 92 years.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
20-10-10, 12:35
Thanks very much Chrissie, i'll pm my e-mail addy to you. Apologies for not coming back to the thread, it's alomost impossible to access the site from the library and the job club staff get a bit funny if it isn't job hunting stuff i'm doing on their pc's.

Looks like the details you have posted might help with the tree too, so far the only real details i have about the Blagg descendants are as follows;

Generation 1

1. Grace Goulson was born 1812 in Knipton, Leicestershire and died Mar 1898 in Car Colston, Notts. She married Thomas Blagg 18 Feb 1833 in Car Colston, Notts. He was born ABT 1803 in Car Colston, Notts and died 1876.
Other events in the life of Grace Goulson
Burial: in Grace BLAGG Date 18 Mar 1898 Aged 85 Place South Collingham Description All Saints Denomination Angl
Baptism: 06 Oct 1812 in Knipton, Leicestershire

Children of Grace Goulson and Thomas Blagg:
i. Mary Blagg was born 1834 in Car Colston, Notts
ii. Rebecca Blagg was born ABT 1835 in Car Colston, Notts
iii. Thomas Blagg was born ABT 1837 in Car Colston, Notts
iv. Henry Blagg was born ABT 1839 in Car Colston, Notts
v. 2. Page Blagg was born ABT 1841 in Car Colston, Notts
vi. Francis Blagg was born 1843 in Car Colston, Notts
vii. Grace Blagg was born 1845 in Car Colston, Notts and died 1883 in Collingham, Nottinghamshire
viii. Robert Blagg was born 1846 in Car Colston, Notts
ix. Edward Blagg was born 1848 in Car Colston, Notts
x. Sarah Blagg was born 1850 in Car Colston, Notts
xi. Unknown Blagg was born 1855 in Langford, Notts (possibly Emily died 1948??)
xii. Arthur Blagg was born 1858 in Langford, Notts


Generation 2

2. Page Blagg was born ABT 1841 in Car Colston, Notts. He married Augusta Howsin 1873 in Newark District.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
20-10-10, 15:15
The previous generation were connected to Car Colston and the Collingham stuff came about because of a plaque at Car Colston Church.

It's #3 on the following webpage

Chrissie Smiff
20-10-10, 16:27
You're welcome Glen :) I just sent you the PM in case you had forgotten about your request.

It sounds as though all the plaques are in Car Colston. I hope what we found proves useful.

Will e-mail the photos.
1st photo sent. Please let me know if you don't receive it ok as I just remembered that for some reason I couldn't send attachments last week.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
21-10-10, 12:47
It came through fine thanks Chrissie. Looks like i'm heading off to blag some more baptism records for this lot. (ouch!!!!)

Chrissie Smiff
21-10-10, 17:53
Seven more e-mails now sent - 6 with attachments :D Hope they arrive ok.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
25-10-10, 12:02
All received Chrissie.

Thanks for your help.