View Full Version : Library Look Up-Trade Directory Lincolnshire 1950's onwards

29-08-10, 11:47
Is there anyone who has access to a trade/post office directory for Lincolnshire that would include Maplethorpe after 1950 please, that wouldn't mind looking up a person.

Looking for any entries with the name ANNIE SMITH at any address in MAPLETHORPE from 1948 through to about 1960.

I have looked in the phone books but nothing shows up.

Jane Richards
29-08-10, 13:17
Janet if I'm right Trade Directories were replaced by phone books. Trade directories can be viewed online. Type Historical Directories into your search engine you should find the site quite easily. If its an address your after you might do better asking for an electoral register look up.

Good luck


Co-incidently my Gray family seems to have originated in Mablethorpe area.

30-08-10, 07:41
Hi Jane

Thanks, I checked the www historical directories but they don't go late enough in Lincoln. I was rather hoping someone had one in their private collection that could peruse it.