View Full Version : Wish they'd leave Ancestry alone

Val wish Id never started
26-08-10, 21:00
:crying:Why is it whenever they work on the trees it all goes wrong after ?
I am trying to add stuff to my tree and it keeps reverting to the new search which I hate ,if I want it I want to choose it myself .
Plus when going back to the named person I am adding stuff to I am getting names I have not got in my tree ???????????????????????
If it aint broke dont fix it PLEASE.

Pat Hope
26-08-10, 21:08
I've not had any problems with my tree

Val wish Id never started
26-08-10, 21:26
have you been on tonight Pat ??? every single search I am doing is automatically going to the new search and when you click on old search you get taken to the home page so have to type in all the details of the person in your tree you are looking for records for ???

26-08-10, 21:29
My search pages are still using the old search. Everything seems to be the same for me.

Val wish Id never started
26-08-10, 21:36
thanks Wendy I am pulling my hair out here I just went to the home page to search a reference on 1891 and that too went straight to the new search with no option for putting the census reference in ? so frustrating

26-08-10, 21:55
Like you Val I'm tearing my hair out with Ancestry keep reverting to new search, driving me nuts, I hate it!:bad::bad:

Val wish Id never started
26-08-10, 21:59
ooh Vivienne I just changed my browser to Google and its working fine now ???? must be an IE fault ???

Helen Smith Too
26-08-10, 23:58
I keep going to that awful new search too. And when the name I'm looking for changes spelling with every census I can't even do an exact search. So far I've had Linas, Liness and Lyness!

Val wish Id never started
27-08-10, 00:02
drives you mad doesnt it ???? maybe we should all complain ? I would like the choice which is what I had before they messed about with the trees on Wednesday.

27-08-10, 00:05
The 'Old Search' is still working fine for me...? I'm the same can't abide the new search at all.

Val wish Id never started
27-08-10, 00:11
can I ask what browser you are using ????

27-08-10, 00:13
I'm using Mozilla Firefox Val, so perhaps it is IE that has the trouble?

Val wish Id never started
27-08-10, 00:18
thanks Richard seems like it then ?