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Yvonne from Oz
08-08-10, 08:33
Would appreciate any help finding Isabella's family and Parents please.

Information to date:

Isabella Dundas born c 1791

Married: James Bruce Powell (Lieutenant, 12th regiment) 20th may 1814 Arveagh Church, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland.

Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 3 April 1876:

"[DEATHS] POWELL - December 18, at her residence, Moy, county Tyrone, Ireland, Isabella, relict of Lieutenant J. B. Powell, late of the 12th Regiment; the last surviving sister of Colonel Dundas, late of the 47th Regiment."

Have no idea about the availability regimental information which might lead to Isabella's parents perhaps?

Any help appreciated. Thanks :)

08-08-10, 09:54
Using Google I found this http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=G_4bAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA217&lpg=PA217&dq=colonel+Dundas+47th+regiment&source=bl&ots=dz4zDS2MqT&sig=Fiq2Hr1AqdqzJo40U0QAYKeCBUg&hl=en&ei=B29eTPTYAYPw0wSa6IzMBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&ved=0CEIQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=colonel%20Dundas%2047th%20regiment&f=false which shows Philip Dundas as a Captain in the 47th in 1827 .
I also found a list of officers in the 47th (Lancashire) regiment in 1837 including Major Philip Dundas. There was also a ref to Colonel P Dundas (ret) in an 1859 book but it was on a site which required a subscription.

Yvonne from Oz
09-08-10, 00:29

Good Morning :)
Thank you for that information - I'll follow up the dates.
Which site was it that needed the subscription?

09-08-10, 10:35
Vonny, I still haven't found the parents, but there is a Col Philip Dundas of the 47th who married Lady Jane Charteris, dau. of the 7th Earl of Wemyss and March (1858) who died in 1870. His obit. states he was the cousin of Viscount Melville, so I imagine it should be possible to track him down via Burke's Peerage, or something similar. I've saved the news items for you if you want them.

09-08-10, 11:14
Have you seen this?


Can't find Isabella though.

09-08-10, 11:50
Have you seen this?


Can't find Isabella though.

That looks a pretty comprehensive tree, Wendy...which makes it odd that Isabella does not appear on it (unless she is the 'unproven issue' of the first marriage). It is definitely the tree that the news articles I have found relate to....but how do we know that Col. Dundas of the '47th was a Philip?

Were there other colonels of that name in the regiment, Vonny? You might like to find one with a less unsavoury character :)

Update: Looking at the wording in Isabella's obit, it seems an odd way to phrase it if her brother was Philip Dundas, as he was already dead in 1870.

Yvonne from Oz
09-08-10, 13:52
McBev and Wendy - thank you.

The approximate date of Isabella's birth does tie in with the first marriage of Phillip Dundas (senior) to Penelope Ford Lindsay.

Isabella Dundas' children with James Bruce Powell were named:

Elizabeth Rebecca
Sophia Moutray
James Bruce.

Interesting that the first boy was called Phillip and the next boy was named after the father,
instead of naming the eldest boy after the father.

I have no idea how many Colonal Dundas' there were in the regiment!!!!

Can I have copies of what you have found please Bev? Thank you.

I had assumed that Colonel Dundas was dead by the wording in Isabella's obit. So a date of 1870
is close enough to 1876 to mention (I think)
Isabella's obit was inserted by my rellie - the eldest daughter Elizabeth Rebecca. Maybe the family was extremely proud of
their Colonel!!!

Got to go to bed!!!

Yvonne from Oz
10-08-10, 02:07
Morning everyone, :)

So we need to try and find a birth of a Isabella Dundas in Ireland (maybe Dublin)
around 1791, with the father Phillip Dundas (senior) and mother Penelope Ford Lindsay.
(just talking out loud here! :)) *goes off to look at map of Ireland*

This is the inscription on James and Isabella's grave, which is where the approximate birthdate is calculated from:

In Memory of
Lieutenant J. B. Powell
(Late of the 12th Regt.)
Who departed this life at Cookstown
15th June 1864, in his 72nd year

Also his wife
Isabella Dundas Powell
Who departed this life
at her residence Moy, Co. Tyrone
18th December 1875, aged 84 years

Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life
John XI c 25

Sophia Moutray Powell
Who died 23rd January 1910, aged 87 years

11-08-10, 17:16
Vonny, I have found two separate entries on the Probate Index.

1. Philip Dundas, late of 28 Bruton-street, St George Hanover Square, London, a retired Colonel...who died 15 Dec 1870 at Salton Hall....widow Lady Jane Dundas......

2.Philip Dundas, late of Fancourt in the County of Dublin, Colonel 47th Regiment who died on or about 28 july 1872 at Fancourt...probate granted 1 November 1872 at Dublin to John Barber Bankhead of Fancourt Esq, one of the Executors.

I think we have two men of the same name and profession and I suspect your Isabella was sister to No.2, given she returned to Ireland after her husband's death.

Read the Rootsweb discussion about the pair at


It has some interesting observations to make about the dual careers, although it doesn't get you much closer to Isabella's parentage.

11-08-10, 18:59

this snippet should at least put No 1 out of the frame this info was from 1876 and clearly shows which Regiment No 1 candidate had been with


11-08-10, 19:38
but saying what I said above maybe it doesn't rule No 1 out when you read this article which refers to the Philip Dundas who married Lady Jane Charteris in 1858


11-08-10, 20:00
found this also which gives a bit of family history background to the chap who married Lady J Chatteris


Posting these incase they do turn out to be related.

Yvonne from Oz
12-08-10, 11:48

thank you very much - I will just collect every piece of info I can and see what fits.
Where did the snipets come from?

have received this info from a cousin:

Isabella was married in Co. Fermanagh and I’ve been led to believe that she and Philip may have been born there. I have nothing to tie her to Dublin.

12-08-10, 15:48
Vonny, Fermanagh ties in with the Rootsweb thread I mentioned in my earlier post:

"Philip Dundas, born in County Fermanagh on the 6th July 1787.
Served in the 47th Foot throughout his career. He was an Ensign in 1805. A
Lieutenant in 1807.
A Captain in 1820. A Major in 1831. A Lieutenant Colonel in 1841.
Died 1872."
The thread was discussing the two Philip Dundases. You would need to contact the people engaged on the thread to find out their sources.

12-08-10, 18:39
the snippets came from an online newspaper resource courtesy of the British Library

Yvonne from Oz
13-08-10, 00:06
Wendy, thank you, and Bev - my humblest apologies. I missed your entry.
so sorry - put it down to grandkid exhaustion!!!!