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24-07-10, 16:14
I have Robert Wickenden, b 1830, Chiddingstone, Kent with his wife Elizabeth and family in the 1861 and 1871 censuses. He dies in 1877 in Sevenoaks, Kent.

However I can find no trace of him before 1861, either on censuses or his marriage to Elizabeth. There is a marriage for a Robert Wickenden in Kent in 1866, but I am not sure if that is him. Can anyone help find him.



Just found a Robert Wickenden and Mary in the 1871 census in Frindsbury in Kent - I think they are the couple who married in 1866.

24-07-10, 21:02
Theres a George Wickenden listed in 1851, same place of birth and year...

Class: HO107; Piece: 1613; Folio: 773; Page: 12; GSU roll: 193514.


24-07-10, 21:07
George then turns up in 1841 age 15 ...... with parents William and Jane., he has a brother william age 11

Do you have Roberts fathers name from his marriage cert.?


24-07-10, 21:32
Thanks Nicky, I was wondering if he might have changed his name - haven't found his marriage yet. I'm trying to trace him as his daughter Jane married one of my Barnetts, and 3 generation previously a Wickenden had married a Barnett, so I was wondering if there was a connection, but ran into this brick wall. I'll nosey a bit more into this William and Jane and offspring. George does look the best match so far.


Karen S
24-07-10, 22:03
There is a marriage 1854, Sevenaoks Kent for a Robert Wichenden and Elizabeth Jupp.

25-07-10, 09:45
Ooh thanks Karen, that looks very interesting, especially as Jupp is another name that floats in and out of the family!


25-07-10, 13:34
A few years ago, I was researching the Wickenden Family from Kent

They were very difficult to pin down, the children were born in many different places, according to season, because they were seasonal workers (fruit pickers, hop pickers, ect), many land workers in Kent were travellers, they lived in temporary accomodation provided by farmers.

Two of the children were also born Chiddingstone, girls though. this is for you to bear in mind, they were a large family.

some of the places of birth of the children from the extended family

Chiddingstone, Kent,
Seven Oaks, Kent,
Louse, Kent,
Sundridge, Kent,
East Grinstead, Sussex,
Penshurst, Kent,
Godstone, Surrey,
Loose, Kent,
Chevening, Kent,
Ide Hill Sundridge, Kent,
Sevenoaks Weald, Kent,
Penshurst, Kent,
St Mary Cray, Kent,
Weald; Sevenoaks, Kent,
Kemsing, Kent,


25-07-10, 17:19
Thanks mm, that is really interesting, I'd never thought of them being travellers. I have traced a number of Wickendens in my tree, most of them living in the East Grinstead area, all descended from an Edward Wickenden from Leigh in Kent. There

Linda might be a connection somewhere, but it will probably be impossible to find. Thanks for all the help.