View Full Version : apprenticeship records.

18-07-10, 00:48
is there any where where I could find these?

Mary from Italy
18-07-10, 01:26
You'll need to contact the local record office. Some apprenticeship records have survived, but not all. Which area did the person live?

18-07-10, 10:49
There are some apprenticeship records on: www.originsnetwork.com There are two sets: "London Apprenticeship Abstracts 1442-1850" and "Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1774" There is more information about the records available on the site - there is no need to be a member to see this or do a basic search, but if you want to look at the records it costs £7.50 for 72 hours access.


Uncle John
18-07-10, 14:04
It might also help to know what trade he was apprenticed to. Some trade guild records might also survive.

20-07-10, 23:21
Thanks everyone. he was a Joiner/Carpenter. Manchester area. Though he did purport to be a dealer in cotton goods occasionally. I think that was his moonlighting job.