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14-07-10, 21:11
Looking for information on my greatgreatgreatgreat gran father Levi gilchrist
the only thing i have is that his son John Gilchrist was born 1801 in lower Whitley in cheshire and he maried Catherine Burgess
Levi wife was down as Ann on John's baptisem report
Looking for any information on Levi or children of Levi and Ann
the name was also splet killgras with my greatgreatgran Caroline
and Gilcrist,kilgrass and in 1841 Gilgraffe
any help going back on levi would be greatful

Mary from Italy
14-07-10, 22:52
The new familysearch beta site has the following children of Levi and Ann:

Alice Gilchriss bp 1789, Sarah Gilchrist bp 1792, Levi Gilchrist bp 1795, Phebe Gilchrist bp 1798 and John Gilcrist bp 1801.
Alice was baptised at Great Budworth, and the others at Lower Whitley.


Mary from Italy
14-07-10, 22:56
The marriage is also there: Levi Gilchrist to Ann Dickens at Great Budworth on 13th June 1775.

Mary from Italy
14-07-10, 23:09
There's also a Mary Gilchrist bp 1776, William Gilchrist 1778, Mary Gilchrist bp 1784 and Ann Gilchrist 1786, all baptised in Great Budworth, with father's name Levi, and no mother's name given.

Other possibles: Betty Gilchrist, bp 1781 at Great Budworth, father's name Leck Gilchrist (possibly a mistranscription of Levi), and Mary Gilchrist, bp 1790 at Great Budworth, mother's name Ann but no father's name given.

Mary from Italy
14-07-10, 23:44
Also found Levi's baptism on Ancestry:

Levi Gillcrist, bp 16 Jun 1754 at Great Budworth, Cheshire, father's name John


Can't see an obvious baptism for Ann Dickens.

Mary from Italy
14-07-10, 23:51
There are a few possible siblings for Levi, all bp Great Budworth with father John: Mary Pilcrist bp 1741, Thomas Gilcrist bp 1742, Elizabeth Gilcrass bp 1747 and Leir Kil...Ist bp 1749.

15-07-10, 08:38
thanks Mary i did see that Levi but when i worked date out levi could have been about 58-60 years old,could this be the right one ?
what do you think ?

Mary from Italy
15-07-10, 10:58
The Levi baptised in 1754 would have been 21 when he got married to Ann, and 47 when John was baptised in 1801. That would perfectly possible, assuming that Ann was the same age as Levi, or a bit younger.

15-07-10, 12:29
looks like my lot LOL