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14-07-10, 14:36
I'm trying to find out about my grandfather who went to India sometime after 1901 census and before 1911 census. Can anyone help me find out when he went and what did he do when he got there. I believe he died out there.

His name was Thomas Bateman and he was born in 1868 at Oldbury.

Uncle John
14-07-10, 15:49
My grandfather did exactly the same. He was a marine engineer who worked for Lloyds Register of Shipping. But in his case his wife and baby son (my father) came back to England on a ship in 1912.

14-07-10, 20:00
there are some india records here

i have found some interesting bits there

14-07-10, 20:28
The main records for India are at he British Library in London.

Velma Dinkley
14-07-10, 20:32
Passenger lists to India are on the Find My Past website http://www.findmypast.co.uk/

14-07-10, 21:31
thanks for info about india records at british library.
guess who has a son is going to uni in london and in halls not far from there .
I think he will getting a few visits

15-07-10, 17:40
Lucky you. Will he have lots of spare time to look through records for someone else? I'm too far from London to "pop" in.

15-07-10, 17:42
Unfortunately, he doesn't appear in their passenger lists, so can't even find a date for him going.

Elaine ..Spain
15-07-10, 17:47
If you think he died in India, have you checked the Overseas BMD index which is available on Findmypast (pay per view or via subscription) or on Family Relatives (free!). If he wasn't in the services then you might find him in the Consular records.

15-07-10, 18:21
In the latest census with Elizabeth, Thomas's wife, she has a young son born 1907 so you could make a stab in the dark and say he was still on the scene 9months or so prior to his birth.

15-07-10, 19:14
tree j d

i dont know if he will have time
when he settled i will get back to you

16-07-10, 18:11
I have tried to find him on Find my Past, but to no avail, either in the Passenger lists or Overseas BMD.

Thank you, I should have realised he would still be around in 1906/7 because of Cyril's birth (brain not functioning!!)
The family thought he had died in India in 1932, and we have found information that a Thomas did die out there then, but we cannot be sure it is our Thomas. Hence me trying to find out more about him.

16-07-10, 18:12
Thank you tinkerbe, that would be lovely.

17-07-10, 19:50
I have never found any record in India of my own grandfather who was born in India to British parents, but after joining the India list at rootsweb someone got his baptism record for me from The British Library in London and very kindly posted it out to me so its worth joining the India List.

I have since had help with finding some of his siblings born Liverpool and India and I have now found through the new Beta site the deaths of his parents too.


Tilly Mint
17-07-10, 19:55
That's good to hear, Edna, i have joined that list, i keep the link in my favourites and look in daily.

18-07-10, 14:22
Thank you for that. I have now registered with Rootsweb, but for the life of me, cannot find the India List. I went on the Web Sites, but couldn't find India there. Any chance you could give me a link to the appropriate place, or tell me how to find it please?

Tilly Mint
18-07-10, 14:28
I put the name i am researching on here and, i look in daily to see what going on....

I must say i dont think its the easiest of places to use :o but, thats me :D


18-07-10, 15:14

This is where you join the list first then in a seperate e mail to the list ask your questions

The archiver is all the archived questions and answers from the past which you can search as Jacky does.

Sometimes you may find things in these archives from your family name and also a search of several other websites from people from the India list such as FIBIS Families in British India and lots more can be found on http://rmhh.co.uk/

Good Luck


18-07-10, 15:16
http://rmhh.co.uk/india.html India

19-07-10, 10:12
hi again been surfing around and found this


they might be able to help you

19-07-10, 18:08
Thanks for the info. I have now asked a question on Rootsweb. I have tried to find information from ttp://www.fibis.org/research.htm (http://www.fibis.org/research.htm) and a marriage came up for Thomas to a Maria Sutherland. It was in the marriage year 1906 to 1911, so it could be my Thomas. How do I get a copy of the marriage certificate. Will it give enough information on there to establish whether it is the correct Thomas?

Elaine ..Spain
20-07-10, 09:12
The marriage is not showing up in the Overseas Marriage Index - but it might be worth contacting the India Office at the British Library to see if they can help. Not sure what you could expect to find on the certificate and whether you can be certain it's the right person.

16-08-10, 10:25
Have you tried with site: http://indiafamily.bl.uk/UI/Home.aspx ?


16-08-10, 15:39
who do you think you features British india family tonight
9pm bbc one