View Full Version : I think that my Greatgrandfather was a bigamist Part 2

Sheila from Down Under
10-07-10, 02:57
Hello From Tropica North Queensland,
I have started a new thread because so many have read the other one about Daniel Bailey who left London (I think it was ) and sailed of the the USA and re married. Some very kind lady found his Natrulisation Number. So of I send an email to Milford Michigan where they were housed, they tell me that all documents were held in the State Archives of Michigan. So of I write to Archive Dept:. I am first told it will cost $30 us + $10 us postage. Fine I don't mind that .Now I am told that I must have an US postal address with my visa card ??? . This morning I was told that I must now ring them during working hours,that would be in the very earlly hours of my morning No way.
So I am sorry to say we will never know if Daniel Bailey was a bigamist or not. The family seems to think that he was, as it would solve one or two problems . So I am claiming this Daniel Bailey living in Milford USA born in UK and a blacksmith as mine
Sheila :confused:

Karen S
10-07-10, 03:33

Not sure if you have already found these.

Sorry it is so complicated to try and get the records.

Sheila from Down Under
10-07-10, 07:06
Hi Karen. I'll have a look see. but Michigan State makes it so difficult


10-07-10, 20:45
have you already seen this

Name: Daniel Bailey

Death Date: 29 Oct 1907
Death Place: Milford, Oakland, Michigan
Age: 61
Birth Date: 1846
Birthplace: England
Occupation: Blacksmith
Collection: Michigan Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995

Sheila from Down Under
10-07-10, 23:51
Thank you Mary , I did send rather a nasty email to the Archives Dept: in Michigan so I know I will not get any help from them. Still that does not matter any more. Did you find anything in the records about Charles H Bailey Born 5 Nov: 1869 in Lyon Michigan ?? I did wonder if he was Daniel's or not as there are nothing I could find about him

11-07-10, 10:32
Name: Charles H. <Bailey>
Baptism/Christening Place: Oakland, Michigan
Birth Date: 05 Nov 1868
Birthplace: Lyon
Father's Name: Daniel Bailey
Father's Birthplace:
Mother's Name: Phebe E.
Collection: Michigan Births and Christenings, 1775-1995


Sheila from Down Under
11-07-10, 13:35
Thank you mm, I can not find anything for him after Baptism Both this brothers became Blacksmiths, but nothing is recorded about Charles???

Sheila from Down Under
15-07-10, 02:10
Good morning to you all . Today I got a reply from Michigan State Archives, and have Daniel's death certificate. YES it was my Daniel. Now I am just waiting for the papers to find out when he was nationlised ( this will cost me $20us ) I got this death certificate free
Thanks Again

Uncle John
15-07-10, 10:49
I got this death certificate free

So being grumpy paid off for once!