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Loopy Linda in La La Land
05-07-10, 19:52
On 1911 census I have Georgina Gertrude Pitt born 1907 Colombo Ceylon. She is with her mother Eleanor Pitt born 1885 in Twickenham, Middx.

Could someone with access to records possible have a look at the birth for me and/or the records for coming back into this country.

Eleanor married George Ellis Pitt in Portsmouth in 1906



Elaine ..Spain
05-07-10, 20:03
Birth registration:

GRO Army Birth Index (1881 to 1965) 1906 - 1910
Georgina G Pitt
Station - Colombo
Year - 1907
Page - 515

(Overseas BMDs can be viewed for free on Family Relatives (http://www.familyrelatives.com/post_search.php))

Loopy Linda in La La Land
05-07-10, 20:13
Thanks Elaine. I didn't know that they could be viewed free.

She didn't waste much time....married 1906.....gave birth in Columbo in 1907 and back by 1911


Elaine ..Spain
05-07-10, 20:17
There are some UK Incoming Passenger lists on Ancestry, but I can't see them listed. They may have returned on a troop ship if George was in the Army.

Loopy Linda in La La Land
05-07-10, 20:56
Thanks very much for looking for me....and the tip about Family Relatives

I have found Eleanor, husband George and Eleanor's sister who was with them on 1911 and never married, all died in Portsmouth in Hampshire. 1973, 1947, and 1969 respectively.

Thanks again


Susan G
30-08-10, 14:32
Hi Linda,

Curious about your interest in George Ellis, Eleanor and Georgina Pitt. These people are in my family tree...

Susan G

Loopy Linda in La La Land
30-08-10, 15:24
Hi Susan,

Sent you a PM