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Heather Positive Thinker
05-07-10, 17:09
No doubt I am bringing up the rear again, but just found this site:


A fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts from eight archives and fifteen datasets, giving access to 3.35 million names.

Oh, just found a Sun insurance policy in 1781 for my GGFx4, John Acton. My goodness, this bloke had his finger in so many pies, no wonder he died such a rich man. On top of being a Pilot at the Deptford Royal docks, and a victualler and waterman, there he is with a nice little rope dealer business on the go from home too.

06-07-10, 00:46
Hi - looks interesting...

Joy Dean
06-07-10, 08:49
Yes, and well worth searching for people simply by putting the surname or name of a county, town or village that is not in London. eg try putting Suffolk.