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colin taylor
30-06-10, 21:32
William Snell Ogden born Accrington 1881 is shown on Ancestry Canada ocean arrivals.. he was married to Eliza Taylor in 1908 in Chadderton... I don't have access to World and would pleased if anyone could let me know what is said in the Ocean arrivals... is it a return from Canada etc.

30-06-10, 21:44
hang on am looking Colin

30-06-10, 21:54
SS Montlaurier, 3rd Class date of sailing 31st Oct.

Ogden William Snell aged 42, married. wife Mrs. Eliza Ogden

occupation -Grinder, intended occupation- Grinder.

birthplace-Accrington, Religion- C.of E

object for going to canada- To Settle,

do you intend to stay in Canada- Yes

Have you ever lived in Canada? if yes give address.- 20 Chestnut Ave, Ramitt (it looks like)

Why did you leave Canada- sickness of wife in England

destined to Brother in Law

Mr. Samuel Taylor
31, Rosemount Avenue
Hamilton, Ont.

if you would like the image pm me with your email addy and I'll send it on :)

ooh there is another bit, and it gives his father as NOK in England,

colin taylor
30-06-10, 22:10
Thank you Darksecretz,
So they emigrated... my only living relative with any memory of her aunts and uncles did tell me that there was a story that her mothers brother Samuel Taylor went to Canada but she was never sure and I have never had any confirmation of this until now.
Thank you for the offer.. I will send my e-mail address.

30-06-10, 22:18
no problems :) have sent it on

colin taylor
30-06-10, 22:23
Recieved with thanks... it certainly will be useful... my aunt Gladys will appreciate the information that her uncle Sam did go to Canada and was later joined by her aunt Eliza

30-06-10, 22:47
would you like me to have a look for Samuel? maybe some details of him arriving in canada could be found, if you have some more details about him I'll have a look

colin taylor
02-07-10, 10:25
Thank you for the offer..
It was said that Samuel went to America but nothing was known until you found information that he was in Canada in 1917..
Samuel was born 1868 in Chadderton near Oldham and was a witness at his brothers wedding on 27 Aug 1910 in Chadderton... that was the latest information I had.. I think that he married Mary Mercer but still need to see the cert and if so they had a child Ethel born 1898 in Chadderton..
The copy that you sent me mentions that he was visited in 1917 at 20 Chestnut Ave, Hamilton, Ontario by his BIL William Snell Ogden..

So it looks like he went to Canada between 1910 and 1917

02-07-10, 11:06
Sorry I can't see anything that is jumping out at me, have you found them in the 1911 uk census? at all? I will have a look under Ethel to see if they are there too

02-07-10, 11:08
BINGO!! I have found a marriage of Ethel and it states mother IS Mary Mercer.. will send image via email.

colin taylor
02-07-10, 11:13
Thanks for that...the parents married at St Matthews in Chadderton in 1903 but I have not been back up north for a number of years and have a lot of things to check at the Oldham Archives. with a name like Taylor everything needs to be checked

colin taylor
02-07-10, 11:18
Forgot to mention that I had confirmed that they were on the 1911 census in Oldham but I have not seen the image or confirmed the address

02-07-10, 11:26
I have found another entry, but have to go out now, but will send on when I get back :)

colin taylor
02-07-10, 18:26
Thank you for the e- mail... I am learning a lot more about my mothers family now.....not much has been known about them, it was said that grandma's siblings and parents had no contact with her as she went and married grandad and had loads of children and no money . The family lived within a few hundred yards but never made contact.
That is one side of the tale..
I had apart deliverrd at lunchtime so have been outside fixing my lawnmower until now... must make use of the good weather

02-07-10, 18:43
just glad to help out a little :D