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15-06-10, 01:23
When some kind person is going to Manchester RO, I need to find birth and or death of my ggg grandfather: John Holt b. abt 1808 (Assume Salford/Manchester!!!!)
(I do have his marriage 7 Dec 1829 Manchester Cath. "bachelor of this parish",
"Hat Finisher", to Jane Luckman 'spinster of her parish', Witnesses: Thomas Parry and Joseph Holt (was Joseph his brother/father/cousin - don't know).
Only one son born...John James Holt baptised 6 Feb 1831 St. Phillips, Salford. (John James died in 1866 Dunwich, Queensland AUS).
John Holt Snr. died between 1830/31 and 1838 when Jane Luckman/Holt remarried 15 Dec 1839 in Manchester Cath. to John Crabtree.
Believe they lived in Salford in this time.
I do have a death certi....for a John Holt d. 1838/3rd quarter/ Vol 20/ Pge 501......this is not my John Holt.
Sorry long and involved info.....lots of bit facts but nothing substantial.
Research has been done some years ago by my Mum's cousin (now passed) and is posted on LDS, even other older rels have searched but found nothing.
Please note some info on the LDS has been proved wrong but that is to do with Jane Luckman.

Pat Hope
24-06-10, 23:01
The parish records are held at Manchester Local Archives not the record office. Unless you have the name of a church where the event took place you could be searching forever.

25-06-10, 01:05
Thanks Pat
As I don't have that information I will probably never find what I need....round in circles...
I always assumed he died in Salford but don't know what parish that is....know his son was baptised at St. Phillips, Salford - could this be the area....I don't know.
And off cause it is prior to 1837....offffff cause

28-10-10, 13:11
It might be worth contacting the Manchester Library - the Family History Section is currently at Elliot House, Deansgate - they have parish marriage records on microfilm and may have other records as well. JAG

29-10-10, 03:36
Thanks for the help, Where is Deansgate? Looks like I will be in England next April, May so hope to be able to have a look myself.
I just don't know where I should start. What is the records office at Southport...is that BMD's?
Also I am worried about the time the records office or library might close for winter and reopen, as have to plan our trip around that....any help would be appreciated.