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11-06-10, 11:59
Hi all,

Not sure if I'm posting in right area but not been able to find anyone offering look-ups that match my query.

I'm trying to locate a grave for a William Bates d. 5 Feb.1931 age 82 (but should have been 84). I have the death cert. Have strong reasons to believe he is buried in Battersea New Cemetery, Morden, Surrey.
Have contacted Wandsworth Council who've confirmed records held at Putney Vale. They will check for me but it's quite pricey and they're some distance from me.

Does anybody have access to these records, or any tips/other ways I can check if he's buried there and where? I have long distant cousins coming over from Canada next month (contacted through geneaology research :)) and I would like to take them to see our mutual g.grandfather's grave and lay flowers. Thanks in advance

Carolyn P
11-06-10, 15:16
I know where the Putney Vale cemetery office is, I have been there before to check some burials. I may be able to pop in and check for you on monday, as you have exact date date of death it shouldn't take long. If he is buried at Battersea New Cemetery, which is actually in Lower Morden I may be able to find the grave as that's where one set of my grandparents are buried.

I'll report back monday night if I manage to call in.

11-06-10, 17:21
Carolyn - you're a star. :star: Thank you so much. If you don't have time it can wait a bit - new found rellies are not over until mid July.

I'm 99% sure that's where he is due to memories of other family members. Another clue - he is probably buried with/near his 3rd wife Clara Bates who I believe died in 1940.

Many thanks

Carolyn P
14-06-10, 18:18
I called into the Putney Vale office this afternoon, and it's bad news and good news. The bad news is that William Bates is not buried in the Battersea New Cemetery, I searched for the whole of February 1931. The good news is that I did find a Clara Maria Bates buried 24th June 1940, aged 76, her last address was 19 St Rule Street, and the grave ref. is S917. She was buried in a common grave so possibly buried with other unrelated people but not William. Do you know when and where his other wives died as it's possible he was buried with one of them, especially if his children arranged the funeral and there was space in the grave. Let me know if I can help any other way.

15-06-10, 09:43
Hello Carolyn,

Thanks very much for your hard work. Clara Maria Bates was William's 3rd wife and they didn't have any children. I'm descended from the 2nd marriage and my 'new' Canadian cousin is from the 1st marriage.
I will have to do some more digging to see where he ended up, I have the death certificate which says he died at Ouseley Road which was something to do with St James Hospital I think.
Though the results weren't quite as expected you have really saved me a long trip (and ££££) to find this information, much appreciated. ;)