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18-05-10, 16:18
I am transcribing a Banns Register for a Parish in Liverpool circa 1880. Every now & then an Entry is crossed out with "Banns forbidden by one of parents"
An interesting snippit of our Grandparents earlier life but unless you search for this information, you would never know.

18-05-10, 16:49
They'd never get away with it these days would they?

Velma Dinkley
18-05-10, 17:14
Goes to show that whilst there's lots of resources on the internet it always pays to refer to the original documents :)

Uncle John
18-05-10, 22:35
I do hope you're including this information in the transcription. The "official" transcriptions of Bedfordshire parish registers which were done between 1930 and 1950 include all the vicar's comments, mostly about the poor record-keeping of his predecessor or his curate.

19-05-10, 05:10
Hi - interesting AlanC - I've just mentioned your topic on the Parental Consent thread..

19-05-10, 07:47
That is/was exactly the reason Banns are/were read out in church, to enable anyone who had reason or grounds to oppose the marriage to do so.
When civil registration came in to play similar announcements of intending marriage were posted in the Registrars office.

19-05-10, 09:32
Thanks for your comments.
Uncle John................I'm obliged to record "What I see, without correction" but can make a note of obvious mistakes.