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Laura the Explorer
11-05-10, 12:22
Hi all
my farthers mother was buried at Kirby Hill on 19 oct 1935 Name of Doris W Farry is there any one near there that can look for her grave for me please
thanking anyone who helps in advance


Elaine ..Spain
11-05-10, 12:30
Laura, if you check our Research Offers (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Research_Offers:_Cemetery#Y) page in the wiki, you will see that we have a few members offering to do cemetery lookups in Yorkshire.
Boroughbridge is listed which is only a mile or two from Kirby Hill.
Might be worth sending a pm to see if they can help you.

Laura the Explorer
11-05-10, 12:51
eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL
I looked there and got lost no good at navigating my way around sites even this one and i have been here from the start LOL


Elaine ..Spain
11-05-10, 13:00
Click on the words RESEARCH OFFER (in blue bold text in post no.2) and it takes you to the wiki page! :D

Laura the Explorer
11-05-10, 13:21
thank you think i have done it now if not some poor person is going to get a random mail lol