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Sheila from Down Under
30-03-10, 00:28
Can anyone please help me to find a www site where I can find the records of a Canadian army man in ww2. He was in the Nova Scotia Reg: and stationed in London. His Name was A.G.Slauenwhite

30-03-10, 01:34
Hi Sheila - is there anything in here? http://www.gov.ns.ca/nsarm/
According to google, there are 158 variants for the spelling of the surname.

Sheila from Down Under
30-03-10, 01:45
thanks for that .I am going out to lunch will see you in an hour are 2

30-03-10, 01:55
Although WWII records aren't online the name you're researching has hits on Archives Canada, unfortunately, none more recent than 1910. You could always contact Archives Canada (where these WWI records are held) and see if they are available.

30-03-10, 03:32
Hi - there is a board for the surname, although quite old, I think you can add to it -
These are from Nova Scotia and seem quite friendly! http://theslauens.blogspot.com/
There is an A on this tree http://www.feltsweb.com:7001/geneology/pafg144.htm

30-03-10, 07:24
From the Library and Archives Canada site it seems to suggest that there are access restrictions on WW2 records - unless the person died in service or as a result


They record 4 Slauenwhite casualties (3 sailors and an airforce man) and none with his initials


As Jenny suggests it's probably worth contacting them to see what hoops need to be jumped through to access the files of survivors

Good Luck


30-03-10, 07:56
Sheila - presume you already know - but just in case - that Aubrey G (presumably your man) married Gladys Y....g in 1941 in Surrey and she went to Canada on the Queen Mary in 1946 under the auspices of the Canadian Wives Bureau - Civilian Repatriation Section. It might help you in your search for this records to know that Aubrey's service no was recorded as F39693

There also looks to have been a subsequent marriage in 1959 - also in Surrey

If you need any refs etc for certs just yell out