View Full Version : Essex parish registers, my own transcripts, comments please?

james collins
21-03-10, 09:55
I decided to search around all the parishes near to where I think my Gx6 Collin grandparents were from and, thanks to SEAX I am able to browse through scans of several Essex parish registers. While I am doing this I thought I may as well write down and put online my own transcriptions of the various Collin families. I’d be interested in people’s comments on what I've done so far (still very basic but will grow over time). There are some places here, scroll, down the page a little… http://www.symidream.com/scott/collin/index.html which may be of interest to anyone with a Collin of Essex connection.

But there are still many more parishes to look through so I thought I’d say: if anyone has a particular name/family/date etc. that may be in the area surrounding Saffron Walden in Essex, I could keep an eye out as I browse through the pages. Of course anyone can look at the pages on SEAX, but it is time consuming, as I am finding out! Let me know if I can help and I will do what I can. (Not sure of this constitutes a ‘look up’ offer, more ‘I’ll keep an eye out’ offer, so I hope this thread is in the right place.)

The best place that I've found to start using SEAX is http://seax.essexcc.gov.uk/displayParishContents.asp?selAlphabet=H&selParish=7421&selChurch=7453 just change the Letter, Parish and then church.

I hope my new pages will be of use to others.