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18-03-10, 16:18
I am not certain if I have posted this query in the correct section but here goes:

I subscribe to Ancestry at the moment, the basic package but am getting fed up of trying to access certain parts of its data base, only to be told I have to upgrade my package.

A friend of mine uses "Find my Past" and can access the 1911 census, which Ancestry have yet to offer. I did not like to enquire how much she paid for the package she is on.

Could anyone tell me which - in their opinion - is the better programme. I have a while yet to run on Ancestry so will not be changing before Christmas 2010 but seriously thinking of changing after that.

Elaine ..Spain
18-03-10, 16:26
It's a question that has been asked before and it's a very difficult one to answer!
Both have the basic census returns from 1841-1901, with FMP having the 1911 census as well. You can search by address on FMP, whereas you can't on Ancestry (apart from the 1881 census)
Both have BMD information - but on FMP you need to search for the information, whereas on Ancestry it is indexed (very useful for post 1916 information which isn't yet covered on freeBMD)
Ancestry has a smallish collection of parish register info - the LMA databse (London Metropolitan Archives) probably the most useful generally.
FMP has a much larger English/Welsh parish register collection - but only useful if it covers the areas you are interested in.
Both have some military databases - Ancestry has images for WW1 Army Pension/Service Records - FMP is just putting on line records relating to Chelsea Pensioners.

It really goes on and on ... they both have a bit of everything and you really need to see what they offer and then make a decision as to which is more useful in your research.

Ancestry - basic UK package - £82
Ancestry - premium UK package - can't remember off the top of my head, but something like £112
Findmypast - annual package without the 1911 census - £94.90
Findmypast - annual package with the 1911 census - £149.90
Findmypast offer an automatic 20% loyalty discount when you renew your subscription. With Ancestry you have to haggle!

Not sure if that helps at all, but as I said a very difficult one to answer.

Meridian Line
18-03-10, 17:08
If you find you're wanting to access the "World" or "Deluxe" part of Ancestry, then its worth looking out for special offers, which are often posted on here. I recently took out the World package through Ancestry Canada & several people have had special offers from the Australian site. Some people have had good deals on an upgrade by ringing Ancestry & bargaining to upgrade for the remaining time left on the subscription.

18-03-10, 20:06
Do FMP have a pay per view or few days access?

I've seen their Chelsea Pensioners and did a couple of free searches that may or may not be people I want.
I couldn't find anything for them when I went to Kew but it may be because I missed them or they may have been in a different section.

I have ancestry so don't want another subscription.

Elaine ..Spain
18-03-10, 20:18
Yes, they do have a pay per view option.
They also have a 14 day free trial for anyone wanting to have a closer look at what they offer, although I don't think it gives you access to all the records available.

18-03-10, 22:00
Thanks Elaine. Will have a look see when I get back.

19-03-10, 08:10
Genious I find ancestry is easier to use than FMP but FMP transcriptions are better. It can be a case of being creative with ancestry.

Besides census info it depends what you want. If it is only 1911 census, you can get a 6 month sub. Otherwise see what both offer and chose.

Ancestry seem to have a cheap deal in January. This year it was Canada, last year Australia.

19-03-10, 11:39
As others have said they both offer different things so you need to check them both. I was lucky enough to have got a half price deal on W Wide Ancestry last June and as I have people who emigrated to many countries this has been useful for me. I have also used Ancestry army records quite considerably but I prefer to use FMP for census and have found about 40 1911 Census with me having corrected 15 transcripts so accuracy not so sure about!! One I had to do a stand up battle as they were refusing to accept my reasons until I pointed out that there was no known place called Bolton in Northamptonshire! I was also lucky enough to get a good discount on FMP in October so I do actually have subs for both and will most probably continue this next year but no doubt will have to pay full price this time! I am lucky because so many of the Northants Parish records are on FMP but not all counties are so well covered but Ancestry Parish and Irish records are just a joke!


19-03-10, 11:53
I've have both sites at the moment because I wanted access to the 1911 census. FMP for 6 months has almost expired. I have found families on FMP that were nowhere to be seen on Ancestry. In general, I'd say that Ancestry is easier to use for BMD and census and if I had to choose one in the fairly early stages of researching a tree I'd probably go for Ancestry.

Hope that helps