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Christine in Herts
11-03-10, 16:23
There's an IGI entry for the Baptism of James WHITEHEAD:
bap 5 Apr 1800 St Thomas, Portsea s/o James WHITEHEAD & Ann [C062513]

His navy ships muster records (26 Feb 1824, aged 23) state that he was born in York - St Crux - in 1800-01.

I know that what's online isn't exclusive, but the only likely parents I've found who were in York at a likely time, were a Thomas WHITEHEAD and Ann (née FOWLER). This isn't at all definite, since a later baptism would mean that they'd not only travelled from York to Portsmouth in the first months of 1800, but that they'd travelled back again by 1804. The first seems just about reasonable, if the father had been looking for work, but the next move seems plain weird.

I really wanted someone to have a look at the record to make sure that the "James" in the IGI isn't a misreading of "Thomas" in the actual register. I know how possible that is, because James married Ann SANSBURY in 1825, and she appears in the IGI as "Ann LANSBURRY". I don't have a scan of the baptism entry, so that would be a bonus.

This is strictly NON-urgent: I may get the chance to go into one or other place fairly soon, anyway, if/when I treat myself to a planned trip down to Southampton.


26-03-10, 09:23
Christine I can have a look for you in a few weeks time (poss 17th April), but I'm just about to go away for a week or so and I can't get to Portsmouth before then. I will put a reminder in my diary to contact you before I go to Portsmouth and get the details from you if you still need the look up.

Christine in Herts
28-03-10, 15:28
Thank you, Jules.

I do have some "reasons" (a.k.a. "excuses") to make a short trip down to Soton - from which I could go on to Portsmouth or Winchester - but there's nothing fixed. If you let me know nearer the time, when you plan to visit, I can tell you whether the goalposts have moved or not!