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09-03-10, 23:54
Anyone living here i.e Partick Scotland, could they tell me what the name of this church should be - ??

My ancestor William Laughland (this could be spelt Laughlan, McLagan, Langhland, Lauchlan (and probably more) - married Jane Grieve on 16th October 1855 at St Patricks, Partick, Renfrewshire. (according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church of Scotland)

I was told by the Glasgow FHS there was no such church. I have a handwritten copy of the marriage certificate which is very difficult to read. Would it be St Partick? Surely the Glasgow FHS would have known, or given me some suggestions. They say "Firstly, can you check the details of the marriage of Laughland and Grieve in 1855 as there is no St. Patrick's church in Partick. Also you would be most unlikely to find a Church of Scotland dedicated to St. Patrick in any case".

I am in Australia.

It reads (as far as I can see)
On October 16th 1855 at St Patricks, marriage after banns was solomized between us according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church of Scotland.

Maybe it could be "On October 16th 1855 at Partick??????

10-03-10, 11:44
maybe u could post a pic of the line you are trying to read?

10-03-10, 11:58
Ok have attached - its very very difficult to read - its the second one (no. 10) - but I wanted to leave the headings on in case they helped.

10-03-10, 12:10
That's far too small to read. Can you upload a larger image using Photobucket?
This thread explains how: http://www.familytreeforum.com/reference-information-how-guides/28003-how-use-photobucket.html

Dancing Sheila
10-03-10, 17:40

Yes it says Partick, not St Patrick. I think it is the very curly writing combined with the image being a little faint that has misled you.

The minister is John Calder, 'Minister of Partick', which could mean the Parish Church, though the one above also says Minister of Partick, and it was a Free Church ceremony. Both were either in a Church or at home or in the manse(quite common in Scotland) as they were registered a few days after the wedding date.

Hope this helps.

Oh Glasgow FHS is probably right, very unlikely to have a C of S church dedicated to St Patrick!!

10-03-10, 19:23
Thanks so much Sheila - I was asked to put it on photobucket - so will show you again.