View Full Version : Not really sure where to put this query GENI

Val wish Id never started
05-03-10, 21:07
As its very quiet on the Tree thread, I am asking on here ,some time ago I joined GENI and only just got around to bothering with it , I seem to only have me and my Husband in my Tree on there but cannot work out how to import a Gedcom into it ??? can it be done ? thanks

05-03-10, 21:13
dont know what you mean by 'tree thread' Val but on Geni's mainpage


at the bottom there are greyed out tabs, and GEDCOM is one of them, if you click on it then you get the way in, (I havent used this before and hadnt even heard of it till now)!

Val wish Id never started
05-03-10, 21:33
shall have another look thanks Julie a couple of Toms family have their trees on there and asked me to join so suppose I had better put myself out .

Val wish Id never started
05-03-10, 21:38
Hi Julie that seems to be only for exporting a Gedcom not importing ????

Chris in Sussex
06-03-10, 11:28

It is for importing...

It says "GEDCOM is a standard file type used to store and transport existing family trees. TO upload a GEDCOM please first supply the following information." Then you have to fill in a couple of boxes.

Well at least that is the page I got when I clicked on the Gedcom tab.