View Full Version : Record Office: LANCS RECORD OFFICE, Preston - anyone going there?

Liz from Lancs
17-02-10, 09:16
Nothing urgent but if anyone is going and willing to do some look ups before 1800 in Preston churches for baps/ marriages etc, please let me know.

Many thanks.

Pat Hope
17-02-10, 09:34
Hi Liz There are registers for some Preston churches at Manchester Local Archives. Let me know if I can help


Liz from Lancs
17-02-10, 09:57
Thanks Pat...will try and gather my thoughts together for what I need...

Liz from Lancs
01-03-10, 08:14
I now don't need the Preston churches...someone on Ancestry has posted the early tree going back to Lancaster that I was needing.

What I do need are some early Blackburn look ups for bap and marriage.

Pat Hope
01-03-10, 09:27
Hi Liz there are some Blackburn registers at Manchester


I am going to the library in about half a hour

Liz from Lancs
01-03-10, 10:10
Pat - many thanks - I had seen that link and the churches I am interested in:

Wesleyan Assoc, Blackburn (seems most likely is Clayton St)
St Mary Cathedral, Blackburn are too early on there.

I have been enjoying myself on OPC St Mary Cathedral.

Can't find my way round the Preston Record Office website so well...