View Full Version : Record Office: St Mary's, Malpas parish register look up - held at Gwent Record Office

Helen in Bucks
28-01-10, 14:01
According to GENUKI the parish records for St Mary's, Malpas are held at the Gwent Record Office, which I believe is in Cwmbran.

If anyone happens to be going there anyway I'd really appreciate a look up of the following:

Marriage between Thomas Edwards and Sarah Lea, 23rd September 1828 (this is info from Ancestry, but there is nothing else on there e.g. no image etc) - I'd like to know any other info in the register e.g. father's names, whether "of this parish", witnesses etc.

Baptism of Sarah Lea, according to census info she was born in Malpas in about 1805 give or take a couple of years either way. Hopefully if there is a father's name on the marriage entry then this might help.

I've checked the IGI but they don't appear to have records for this time period (according to my batch number list).

This has been on the back burner for many many months so I really don't want anyone to make a special trip and it really isn't urgent! Lets face it, these people have been deceased for over 100 years!

Many thanks


30-01-10, 10:44
Hi Helen,

There aren't many parish records on freereg (www.freereg.org.uk) but marriages for Malpas 1820 - 1829 are there fully transcribed including the marriage that you are searching for.

Hope this helps,


Helen in Bucks
31-01-10, 09:01
Jean, thank you for the tip. To be honest, I completely forgot about freereg having tried it so many times in the past and never found what I'm looking for. Thank you for the prompt! Helen