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12-01-10, 11:24
Could someone tell me the address in the first attachment


the address and mothers maiden nme in the first attachment

Thanks for looking.

Kate P
12-01-10, 11:31
First one is 16 Grosvenor Court, [South something?] Bristol

Second one I'd suggest Stones or Stoner for the maiden name and 10 Bowman's Place North, Islington for the address.

Kate x

12-01-10, 11:43
"the address and mothers maiden nme" - not sure about the name, but the address looks like 10 Bowmans Place, North Islington
- the other looks like 16 Grosvenor Ct, St ? in Bristol - sorry, not much help! ;-)

12-01-10, 13:36
You do get them don't you Oliver? I've noticed many of your hard to read ones are from the Bristol area - perhaps the registrar needed lessons in penmanship!

I think the birth cert address is 16 Grosvenor Court USD (Urban Sanitary District) and 16 Grosvenor Court, St Philip, Bristol.

12-01-10, 13:42
could mother's maiden name possibly be Groom?

12-01-10, 13:54
For the Islington one it's actually Emma GROOM. Their marriage was 29 August 1859 at St John the Evangelist, Islington. Joseph is given as PHURSSELL. Both were their marks X. Both were living in Holloway. Both were "of full age". Emma's father is Thomas GROOM and Joseph's is also Joseph. Bridegroom and both fathers were labourers.

I think the address is 10 Bowman's Place North, Islington.

Will go have a look at your other one in a minute. You have got a cracker of surname there, mistranscription hell on earth LOL

12-01-10, 14:00
16 Grosvenor Court [something] Bristol in the last column. Can you give me a death year and forename for this please so I can hunt about

oops ignore that last bit; it flashed up on hovering the mouse over your image.

It's 16 Grosvenor Court, St. Philips, Bristol.

The 1881 census gives the residence as Bristol, St Philip and Jacob In, Gloucestershire or Bristol, St Philip and Jacob Out, Gloucestershire depending on which of the Mary Pitt's she actually is.

12-01-10, 16:06
thanks to you all for your help.