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03-01-10, 06:15
Will be heading that way soon. Able to take photos in this area...it's the old Cornish towns and mines with cemeteries. Also have access to some burial records and transcriptions.:)

04-01-10, 11:25
would you be able to look in the walleroo cemetery for a carl eisfelder? there is a death in the indexes for him in 1879, but im not sure if he's mine.

05-01-10, 00:09
Will put him on my list! :)

07-01-10, 13:00
Hi Annette,
Probably a bit rude to ask for assistance in my first post, but I've just found that my wife's Great Aunt and Uncle are buried at Moonta. Is there a chance you could note the inscription of this grave for me - or if there's a chance of a picture......?

Moonta Cemetery
JONES William Pierce
Section East 24 Grave#32
82 years Buried 18 Dec 1962
Grave depth 8' Permit 16677

JONES Sarah Jane
Section East 24 Grave#32
95 years Buried 31 Jan 1982
Grave depth 6' Permit 17367

Many thanks from Coventry (UK)

08-01-10, 04:18
That will be fine. Looks like our trip will now be over Easter but I have added it to my list. Will be happy to take photos for you too. It's a lovely cemetery and is very well maintained and cared for. Will pm you when I have been.


Linda from Murton
21-02-10, 11:31
Hello Annette, thank you so much for such a kind offer. Would it please be possible for you to look for Francis Raymond (born 1824 died 1900) and his wife Eliza Ann Raymond (born 1830 died 1910) I understand that they died in Kadina. Anything about the Raymond family in this grave yard would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Kind regards - Linda

22-02-10, 09:56
Hi Linda, it's now on the list. Looking for Raymond's!! Will see what I can find :)

Linda from Murton
22-02-10, 17:31
Many thanks Annette

01-03-10, 08:55
Hi Annette - I dont suppose any of those cemeteries are near Quorn, Wirrabara and Mt Brown?
I think one of those towns is almost a ghost town now.

Anne in Carlisle
01-03-10, 09:15
Just seen this thread. This is a very cheeky request!

I am the research manager for the One Name Society for the surname EAST. I know some members have had EAST relatives in Kadina and Moonta. Would it be too much to ask if you just snap any EAST names you come accross? Please don't go out of your way to look for them - I was thinking, if you pass any while you are walking round it would be great to have them.

Please say if this is too much for you!


03-03-10, 10:30
Will keep a look out for them Anne and will take photos of any I find. Wish me luck!

03-03-10, 10:32
Hi Jood, Sorry but those districts are not on the Pennisula....further up I'm afraid.

03-03-10, 10:38
Thx anyway Annette

Anne in Carlisle
03-03-10, 10:50
Thanks very much, Annette. Hope you have a good trip.


04-04-10, 03:13
Hi all. We head off to the Pennisula on Saturday. My little book with requests and details is packed! Wish me luck. Will pm you all when I return.

Anne in Carlisle
05-04-10, 12:01
Have a lovely time!


Linda from Murton
10-06-10, 23:30
Hello Annette I have sent you an email with my sincere thanks for the brilliant photographs you sent. Thank you once again. Linda

29-05-16, 04:19
im a EAST and my ancestors come from wallaroo, mallala, kadina,moonta etc iv just started my family research and new to this

Anne in Carlisle
29-05-16, 07:47
Hi Kristine
This is quite an old thread! I have retired from being research manager for the EastFHS but they are still going strong. I know they do have details of East families from the Kadina area. You can find the website here http://www.eastfhs.org/
I am sure they would be pleased to hear from you!

Elaine ..Spain
29-05-16, 08:00
im a EAST and my ancestors come from wallaroo, mallala, kadina,moonta etc iv just started my family research and new to this

Hi Kristine,
Welcome to the forum.
If you need any general help with your research then post your query in our Family History Research (https://www.familytreeforum.com/forumdisplay.php/2-Family-History-Research)section where hopefully some of our members may be able to advise.