View Full Version : Canada Worldwide Ancestry

02-01-10, 09:41
This would give you access to all records on ancestry wouldn't it?

Aussie, UK, LMA, USA - everything?

Just checking as I don't want to waste my money.

Elaine ..Spain
02-01-10, 11:53
Kit, it says World package which would normally mean everything - UK / USA / Australia / Europe etc - in fact everything they hold.
It's definitely a good offer - works out cheaper than the UK premium package.

A link for anyone else who is interested:
.. but you have to be quick - ends tomorrow.

Val wish Id never started
02-01-10, 18:16
how will I get this as I have my FTM tree and it says no renewals and only new members ????????????
if I change my email it wont work will it ?

08-01-10, 11:49
Thanks Elaine. Sorry I didn't reply before.