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01-01-10, 18:35
If anyone is able to look for the following two names in the probate calendar I would be greatful
(I understand Nottingham holds copies of the volumes up to 1968) .

William Henry Brailsford, died Nottingham, q1 1946

Catherine Martin Nee McGruer, died Nottingham, Feb 1961

Many thanks!

03-01-10, 01:59
As I understand it, the National Probate Calender is organised alphabetically by year ie is not location based, there is no need to go to the actual area where the person died. Therefore, providing you are not overseas, your nearest County Record Office or District Probate Office should hold a copy.

This site has a list of District Probate Offices


04-01-10, 01:12
Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure whic places hold copies of which years, but found a useful guide that just happened to be published by Notts, which mentioned they held upto 1968.

The nearest of those offices is still a fair way from me and suspect will need me to take a day off work to go, so would still aprreciate if anyone happens to be going and could look while they are there.


19-01-10, 14:26
Is there a County Record Office nearer?


24-01-10, 08:29
Don't know if you still need info but when checking some of my probate entries at Birmingham central library I had a look for Brailsford & Martin. Only Catherine Martin died in Derbyshire so I didn't make a note of her. William Henry Brailsford is as below:
"1946 - Brailsford William Henry of 101 Sherwood Street and of 10 Heathcote Street both in Nottingham died 9 Febuary 1946 Administration Nottingham 11 April to Marguerite Hannah Margrie (wife of Thomas James Margrie) and Arthur Stendall Brailsford bookseller. Effects £2686 0s 9d." National Probate calendar.

24-01-10, 19:12
Thank you so much!
I thought I was going to be out of luck and have to wait till next time I was in one of the cities, but that's great, thanks!