View Full Version : Is this birth 1825 ????

Val wish Id never started
30-12-09, 17:43
Could somebody check this please Susannah Keen baptised 1834 looks like the birth date has been changed to 1825 ???? and also can somebody read the address ?? thanks a lot

Elaine ..Spain
30-12-09, 17:47
Would say the dob is 21 October 1825.
Am working on the address!!

Elaine ..Spain
30-12-09, 17:50
Address: Port Pool Lane

You can see the start of Portpool Lane in the 1841 census, starting on this page

Val wish Id never started
30-12-09, 17:53
oh you darling thanks Elaine , wonder why she was baptised so late???

30-12-09, 17:54
Portpool lane if you look at the first entry in the book another family live in the same road and the writing reads the same .

Little Nell
30-12-09, 19:34
Why a late baptism? Maybe her parents didn't get around to it, or she might have been privately baptised and no record kept and parents/parish priest weren't sure it was "official".

I have found quite a few baptisms of children when they were about 5 and wondered if it was to do with going to Sunday school or a National Schools.

Another point - she was 9, maybe she was being prepared for confirmation and it was discovered she hadn't been baptised?

Val wish Id never started
30-12-09, 19:58
thanks Gwen, and Nell lot to think about