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24-12-09, 19:27
holders who were on the criminal list.dont know if they are mine.can ayone who is a paid member of ancestry get me more details.....joseph holder .year .lent 1822,location of trial gloucestershire.sentence.death,but i cant see what his crime was,and date of execution.

john holder aged 20...birth abt 1818.date of trial 10 oct 188,gloucestershire.sentence deportation.cant see his crime either.
william holder aged 40.born abt 1807.date of trial 29 june 1847.gloucestershire.imprisoment,cant see his crime.

george holder date of trial summer1805.gloucetershire.,crime imprisoment,cant see crime.

joseph holder.age56.birth abt 1779.trial 20 oct 1835,gloucestershire,imprisoment.cant see his crime.

i would love any info on them.what a naughty lot the holders where lol brenda xxx

Elaine ..Spain
24-12-09, 19:56
Tut, tut Bren. What a naughty lot of Holders! :xmas_laugh:

Off to have a look and see what I can find for you.

24-12-09, 20:00
Have downloaded the images and PM'd you for an address to email to


Elaine ..Spain
24-12-09, 20:05
Was trying to cross reference the Ancestry records with newspaper reports - but nothing much showing up.

Have found:

The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, April 3, 1852; Issue 3237.
Joseph Holder was found guilty of embezelling small sums of money from his master. One month´s imprisonment.

The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, July 10, 1847; Issue 2990.
Gloucester Quarter Sessions: Imprisonment, 6 months, William Holder - for stealing lead.

24-12-09, 20:42
I have problems with the downloaded images 'storing' on my PC.

I download, the system tells me that they are there, but when I look, the folder is empty.
Try again and I am told the imagge is already in the foilder.

Just upgraded to Win 7 on this laptop, so must be the cause, but it means i cannot send images afterall:xmas_confused:

24-12-09, 22:09
trevor emailed you thankyou brenda xxx

24-12-09, 22:11
eliane i hope there werent my lot,but being gloucestershire.... lol brenda xxx