View Full Version : How does Photobucket work these days?

Elizabeth Herts
18-12-09, 15:07
I'm trying to upload a photo from Photobucket onto here for restoration. I haven't used Photobucket for a while and I can't find the tabs to use to transfer a photo from there to here.

Any help appreciated!

Elaine ..Spain
18-12-09, 15:14
Upload your photo to PB - then hover your cursor over the photo and you will see the links appear under the image. (Once you remove your cursor the links disappear!)
Right click on the 4th link (IMG code) - copy - then paste the link into your reply box on FTF.

Elizabeth Herts
18-12-09, 15:36
Elaine, thanks! I was on "Organise" instead of "Browse" and it only works on Browse!