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Vicky the Viking
15-12-09, 12:58
I'd like your opinions on whether I'm barking up the wrong tree with this.

Bear with me, it’s a bit long & complicated. I’ll post a lot of what I know, so you can ponder for a while. Most of these details are on the IGI, (batches C059171 & 2, and M059171) though many of the 19th C family were not baptised in Marrick.

I’m trying to establish the parents of a certain William Hawkin born abt 1768. His baptism is not on the IGI, nor is it in the Marrick parish records where I expected it to be (where his suspected brothers & the rest of the family are). The spelling is mainly Hawkin but I found several variants including Hawking, Hakin, Haykin etc, all with or without a terminal "s", and some with "e" rather than "i". I have trawled the Marrick parish records several times & picked up additional details which have been helpful in piecing together the relevant families. I also found a couple of relevant records that are not on the IGI, and are not on there as mistranscriptions either.

My starting point is the marriage of William Hawkin & Margaret Pounder in Marrick in 1821. Witnesses John Hawkin (obviously a rellie, either cousin or uncle) & Thomas Siddle (a neighbour).
William & Margaret’s children:
Margaret bap 1821, died Aug 1831. Her burial record says “dau of William and Margaret from Roan”
William bap 1822
John bap 1824
Joseph bap 1827
Sarah bap 1828
Margaret bap 1831
Elizabeth bap 1833
James bap 1834
Prudence bap 1837
George bap 1839
Francis bap 1841
Mary bap 1843

Haven’t yet tracked down Margaret Pounder’s side of the family - she wasn’t born in Marrick, nor were her parents married there. It’s a fairly common name in the Dales and around Richmond & Catterick.

On William Hawkin’s side, I have his probable baptism Jan 1798 in Marrick, naming father William. To set the picture, Hurst is a small settlement in the middle of the lead mining area on the moors above Marrick, and Roan is just a couple of houses about a mile or so NW of Hurst. Marrick church is about 3 or 4 miles away, to the south. Where a place of residence is mentioned in the registers, its usually Hurst but a couple of the later ones mention Roan.

I think the parents of William b 1797/8 would be William Hawkin & Margaret Alsop, married Oct 1788. Margaret’s parents are Thomas Alsop & Elizabeth Metcalfe.
Children of this William & Margaret:
Betty 1789
John 1792
Rebecca 1794-1796
Thomas 1794-1794
William 1797/8
Joseph 1802-1804
Peggy 1803-1804
Peggy 1805
Joseph 1809
Prudence 1812

It’s the parents of this William (m. Margaret Alsop) I’m stuck on. I found his probable burial, 20 Dec 1830, Marrick; the entry says “William Hawkin Snr of Roan, age 62”. Given the size of the place there must be a connection to the William who married Margaret Pounder, whose firstborn daughter was buried from Roan in August 1831. (If I'm correct, he would be her grandfather.)

There is no entry in the PRs for any baptism between 1767 – 1772 for any William Hawkin (nor anything remotely similar that could have been misread) nor have I found anything likely on the IGI in any nearby parishes, including spreading into NE Lancashire & SW Durham.

I went back a step & worked out who were having children in the Marrick area around this time. My two candidates are John Hawkin bap 1736 & Nicholas Hawkin bap. Jan 1738/9, both with parents John Hawkin(g) & Rebecca Dolphin. Rebecca’s parents are Nicholas Dolphin & Ann ?? probably Glenton.

Nicholas Hawkin bap Jan. 1738/9 married Rebecca Garth in June 1765, and had the following children:
Elizabeth 1765
Ann 1768
John 1773 - 1784 (the burial record clearly names his father as Nicholas)
Ellen 1774
Rebecca 1781
Parnella March 1784-Aug 1784 (on IGI as Darnellay).
Nicholas’s wife Rebecca (Garth) also died in 1784, Nicholas in 1788.

John married Prudence Gladwin on 8 Aug 1757 in Marrick (this one is not on the IGI). Prudence’s parents are Thomas Gladwin & Martha Murtan.
John & Prudence’s children:
Francis 1759-1776
Martha 1760 1761
Ann 1764
John bap April 1767, died 1825
Nicholas 1772

You will also notice there are gaps in the sequences of baptisms around 1770: nothing between 1768-1772 for John & nothing 1769-1773 for Nicholas. You might expect both families to have one, possibly 2, children baptised in this period. William who was 62 when he died in 1830 is obviously one of these – the question is, who’s the daddy?

There are baptisms in the Marrick registers for this period, its not as though a couple of pages are missing from the registers. Whatever the reason, it seems a bit of a coincidence that both brothers seem to be missing having children baptised around the same time.

Now to the nitty-gritty: I favour John as William’s father simply because he did not name any of his sons Nicholas. He had 6 sons and even if he wasn’t following a strict naming pattern, I would have expected to see the name featured somewhere. None of William’s descendents [I have over 40 sons & grandsons] were named Nicholas either.

I also tracked John’s son Nicholas b 1772: he married Nancy (Ann) Pounder (who was possibly his cousin) in 1796 & their children were:
James 1802
Nanny 1804
Prudence 1806-1809
Nicholas 1809
Mary 1812
Elizabeth 1814
Prudence 1818
From the gap between the date of marriage & James’ baptism, I suspect at least 2 earlier children are missing from the registers – I would have expected to see a son named John before a James or Nicholas.

From this you can see that the name Prudence features strongly in both lines, and this definitely implicates the John Hawkin(g) marriage to Prudence Gladwin as the origin of the name.

If you’re still with me, and not bored to death or totally confused, do you agree that William b. 1768’s likely parents are John & Prudence?

15-12-09, 13:19
i think it's possible. i did pick up on prudence as a name that was popular in your families. have you thought of wills? maybe you prove william is john and prudence's son with a will? or did you say you've been through those? i will have to read it again!

Vicky the Viking
15-12-09, 14:09
not found any wills for any of these families, I think they were too poor.