View Full Version : Photographs: ACTIONED: Gladstone Road, Wimbledon.

10-12-09, 18:07
Does anybody live near to Gladstone Road in Wimbledon?:xmas_biggrin::xmas_biggrin:

I would love to have a photograph of 145 Gladstone Road, Wimbledon, if it is still there, as this is where my Mother lived with her Mother and Grandparents, in 1918, when the news that her Father had been killed in action in France.

If anyone can oblige I would be extremely gratefull.


Carolyn P
10-12-09, 20:16
Wendy, I will be going through Wimbledon sometimes before christmas, maybe this weekend, and know Gladstone |Road well as I used to go to College at the bottom of the road. I'll try and get yu a photo of No. 145 unless anyone else beats me to it.
What years did your family live there, both my parents grew up in Wimbledon in the 1930-40s.

10-12-09, 20:30
Hi Carolyn. That would be great if you could. Thank you.

My mother lived there in 1918 but was later put into care with Dr. Barnardos in about 1921. My Great Grandmother died their in Dec 1920.

Carolyn P
10-12-09, 20:38
Your family seem to have been there a bit before mine then, I will let you know as soon as I've managed to get there.

10-12-09, 20:39
Thank you Carolyn, much appreciated.

Velma Dinkley
11-12-09, 18:04
Wendy - you can view it on Google Map's Street View. I not sure how to capture the image to your computer though!

Carolyn P
14-12-09, 23:35
Hi Wendy, I've been to Wimbledon today and managed to get a couple of photos of No. 145, if you could p.m. me with your e-mail address I'll try and send them to you.