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18-11-09, 19:31
The WDYTYA that had all the children that died at birth/few months old due to the mum having syphillis and what was the pattern for recognising it please.

many thanks in advance

18-11-09, 19:35
was this the link to the thread


Christine in Herts
18-11-09, 19:45
"the pattern for recognising it" was a gap of a couple of years, then children dying young for a couple of years, and then children with disabilities (e.g. blindness) for a couple of years... approximately.


18-11-09, 19:54
ahh thanks Wendy and Christine..

it made sense at the time, but I forgot the mechanics of it all..

I have discovered some new family but there are a few short lived children, though I dont have details.. I wondered if there was a pattern.

Uncle John
18-11-09, 22:04
Could just be general unhealthy conditions. I've just found one poor mite born q1 1891, enumerated as 2 months old and died in q2.