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16-11-09, 21:16

Could anyone please access the original of the 1901 census for John H. Garton b.1860 Bridlington.

I have Ancestry and when I click view original it sends me to the right page but this family does not appear on those pages. I was wondering if someone who may have Find my Past may be able to find them, before I trawl all the pages for Hull

His wife is Caroline and they are living in Hull, Yorks.

I would like to know their address and John's occupation for 1901. I have details of all other aspects of this family.

Thank you very much.


Val wish Id never started
16-11-09, 21:33
Dock Labourer
3, Manchester Street Arthur's Terrace, Sculcoates

Val wish Id never started
16-11-09, 21:35
if you want to try ancestry
RG13 4479 102 12

16-11-09, 21:44
Thanks Val.

Yes that was the source identified but when I clicked he didn't appear. Some of the other members of the family appear on P.13, but still couldn't find them. Maybe I need my eyes testing. Thanks for the info. You've saved me hours of work.