View Full Version : Cemetery: ACTIONED: Rochdale, Bury Road, please

Meridian Line
16-11-09, 19:29
There is a WW2 grave of a relative I would love to have a photo of, if anyone is nearby.
The cemetery is a large one, but I have a map of it, & know the area of the grave.

Tom Dalzell ; Square Z.3 C of E. Grave 37473
Rochdale Cemetery
Bury Road
OL11 4DG

I'm not in any hurry!!

Many thanks.

Lancashire Lass
16-11-09, 20:31
Hi Louise,

I might be able to go at the weekend & take a photo for you.

If you p.m me more details of where the grave is in the cemetery :smilee:

Meridian Line
16-11-09, 21:52
Have emailed the map, thanks Sharon.

Lancashire Lass
16-11-09, 22:11
I've received it. Happy to help :smilee:

17-11-09, 22:35
Meridian Line - does the map you sent Lancashire Lass show this grave on it? Grave No. 24455 Square BB Plot 14?

Meridian Line
18-11-09, 15:49
Hi GL,

the map has the "squares" eg BB, but the lady who emailed it said she could post me a map with the plots.

Pm me if you'd like the map or the details.

18-11-09, 22:07
Wiil do Louise.

Lancashire Lass
20-11-09, 15:31
Hi Louise, I've email you the photo of the grave. :smilee:

Meridian Line
20-11-09, 16:10
Absolutely delighted, a big thank you to Sharon :D:rose:

Lancashire Lass
20-11-09, 16:39
Your welcome Louise. Was happy to help :smilee: