View Full Version : 1911 where do I find this Welsh Village

15-11-09, 21:41
Hi all the clever clogs in Welsh Wales.
Where the heck are these images to be found in the 1911.
No probs with all the other census

A small village called.
Glynarthen, Nr Cardigan. Ceredigion

Any help will be really appreciated
Thank you in other words.
Tony..,,....middle name Glyn after the village

Elaine ..Spain
15-11-09, 21:49
Seems to be listed under the parish of Penbryn (maybe!!) ... I get confused with the Welsh names!!

Mike Fisher
16-11-09, 12:57
Yes in GENUKI it is a place in the parish of Penbryn given as Glyn-Arthen .
If you are using the FMP site then in 1911 address search/advanced search enter county=Cardiganshire Civil Parish=Penbryn Town or village=Gynarthen

16-11-09, 13:19
Hi folks so much..but I have a problem.
I dont know the folks names therefore I cant do a search it seems.
Needed to work through the villiage
Anymore more help would be apreciated.

16-11-09, 13:24
|Silly me just checking the address search.

16-11-09, 13:32
wow just found the way to do it.....address search, view transcript, click on list and they all appear...many many thanks for the pointers and help and I have found the exact farm in the villiage that I am looking for....guess the name of the folk there...Evans, no suprise there.
You are so helpful. thankd again