View Full Version : England & Wales Criminal Registers 1791-1892. Look-up please.

15-11-09, 13:31
I have it now, thankyou

Is anyone able to let me know the details of Joseph Gibb in Devonshire please?
He was apparently imprisoned after his trial in April 1828. Can anyone please tell me what his crime was & how long his sentence was?

Thankyou in advance.

Val wish Id never started
15-11-09, 14:23
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec/?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1590&iid=31251_A006035-00136&fn=Joseph&ln=Gibbs&st=r&ssrc=&pid=5358)
hope this works

Val wish Id never started
15-11-09, 14:24
if not Larceny 6 months

15-11-09, 15:45
Thanks Val. The link didn't work as I only have a basic membership package :(

Good to know OH probably has a thief in his family :Big Grin:

Val wish Id never started
15-11-09, 16:24
I wish I could find a thief in my family lol it all adds colour to it