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11-11-09, 17:27

I am on holiday next week :smilee:

I thought I would treat myself to a trip to Barnstaple archives on Monday. So as Geoff is away I would happily do any lookups for Devon you may have.

Obviously I am more aware of the geography of North Devon so find this area easier to search but they do have microfiche for the whole county. However I do find that I don't do too well with Plymouth, but I will have a go.


Reopening offer: Visit approx 9th Feb 2010

Christine in Herts
11-11-09, 17:43
Thank you for your kind offer, Mandy.

I was (briefly) in the Plymouth & W Devon RO a week ago, and found some useful material, but there's a gap I'd really like to fill in OH's tree records.

bap 5 May 1805 BT [C050351]
m ?????? to Mary BALSDON (bap ?27 JUL 1817 Black Torrington, Devon, d of Richard BALSDON & Mary CHAPMAN) [C050351])
d 1840-1
d pre 1851 census

son (last child):
b 1840-1 BT [1861] May/Jun 1840 [1841]
"baby at mother's breast when father died" [family member's genealogical essay]

I couldn't find his burial in the Black Torrington records. I don't think I looked in the Sheepwash ones. The family was firmly non-conformist, so there's a possibility that he'd be buried in a chapel graveyard, if there is one, at Sheepwash or Shebbear. the family was living in Sheepwash for the 1841 census.

Incidentally, there's a chunk of info about this family on Explore North Devon Home Page (http://www.explorenorthdevon.org/) thanks to a cousin of OH's in the USA I was able to contact. The "family member's genealogical essay" was written by her great-grandfather after emigrating.

I'd like to be able to record his marriage and his death, if you find the time amongst your own researches.


11-11-09, 19:18
I'll see what I can find Catherine.

20-11-09, 14:12

I've pm'd details of what I have found.

Offer of research Closed now as back to work, unless you are happy to wait.


05-02-10, 08:47
Hi I am reopening this thread.


I know it's not giving you too much time, but if anyone would like a lookup I will do what I can.

Just pm me or put a message on here.


Joy Dean
05-02-10, 13:19
If you have time, please could you help with any SALTER or STONEMAN marriages at North Molton, South Molton or Chittlehampton between 1810 and 1817?

Thank you very much.

05-02-10, 17:30
I wil see what I can find... Joy. Is there anyone in particular you want me to follow up, along with the blanket search... Mandy

Cherry Too
05-02-10, 18:23
Hi if you have time could you look up some marriages thank you

Alice James Bideford Jun 1926 qrter ?to george Palmer or henry Parr
Ellen Elizabeth James Bideford Dec 1908 to henry Pope or Caleb squire
george Andrew james Mar 1896 Bideford to Blanche Elizabeth Pruest
Beatrice E james Jun 1939 Barnstaple to ? Mr squires.

I am only interested in them if there father is called John James thank you trying to sort out my oh James,s


Joy Dean
06-02-10, 10:04
I wil see what I can find... Joy. Is there anyone in particular you want me to follow up, along with the blanket search... Mandy

I shall check with OH (it is his ancestral family) and get back to you before Tuesday. Thank you.

Joy Dean
07-02-10, 15:33
I shall check with OH (it is his ancestral family) and get back to you before Tuesday. Thank you.

He said
No, thanks, any success with these names would be good :-)

09-02-10, 16:20
Hi Joy

Re Salter/ Stoneman

I thought I was going to have my work cut out on this one… but sadly I only found one entry.

Chittlehampton: nothing found for either name

South Molton: nothing found for either name however please note. I could not read all entries for 1817 as images very feint.
Also I could find no record of entries from 1808-1813 on microfiche in Barnstaple archive

North Molton:

Robert Passmore of North Molton, bachelor
Agnes Stoneman of North Molton
Witnesses Wm Passmore and ? Passmore
(This was all the information on the record/microfiche… I.e. no fathers name.

Doing another lookup for someone else I did find some Salter baptisms for around the same time in Tiverton, so may be related or distant relatives.

There are quite a few surrounding parishes where more could be. If you cannot find a parish map I do have a PDF on my computer, that I could send if you would like… pm me if you would like one.


09-02-10, 16:22
Hi Cherry

Re James family:

George Andrew James age 23, occ joiner, father John
Blanche Elizabeth Prust, age 21, father James
Marriage by banns

Sadly I cannot find a marriage for Ellen or Alice within the Bideford parishes, they may have married in one of the villages.

Nor could I find a marriage for Beatrice in the parishes for Barnstaple town either. I checked St Peters, Holy Trinity and Mary Magdalene

I found these in Bideford and wondered if they may be related to George as their father was also listed as John, although a little later.

Cecilia James, age 23, factory employee, father John
Albert Newcombe, age 24, groom, father Henry

Evelyn Isabel James, 20, machinist, father. John
William John Nicholls, 24, clerk, father. John Mitchell Nicholls

Victor Arthur James, 30., hotel-boots, father. John
Ellen Maria King, 27, father. Joshua

She remarried

Ellen Maria James
Alfred Ernest Ashton, 32, widower, ironmongers assistant.

I will take photo w hen next in Bideford.


Cherry Too
09-02-10, 21:05
Thank you so much Mandy not sure about the extra ones you found but i do having a missing brother to george which i will post for helpwith. Thank you again for your help Cherrytoo

Joy Dean
10-02-10, 15:19
Thank you very much for your kindness.

Please do not worry about any others.

Sunny Rosy
13-09-10, 12:28
Thankyou for the offer of lookups. Can you find anything on NELLIE ALICE MORTON, unmarried, who gave birth to IRENE MORTON June 1910. in Barnstaple Workhouse ,which was in Alexandra Road, Barnstaple. She was still there when Irene was baptised 3 weeks after her birth. I would like to find out where Nellie came from and her age. Irene was fostered in Exeter. I have tried in the Record office in Exeter , but that is the only info I came up with and on the 1911 Irene was fostered with another baby also born in the workhouse, says 8 years but should have been 8 months of age.

I would be very grateful if you could find anything on them.

sunny rosy.

28-10-10, 12:55
Hi Mandy,
I'm not sure if you currently are able to do lookups, but if you are able to, would you be able to check some early Tiverton (Cove) parish records. Thank you. JAG

29-10-10, 11:04
Sorry SunnyRose. I didn't see your request previously I will pm you

Aussietree: I have a couple of requests for help elsewhere so I will be going to archive in a few weeks time. I will pm you.

Sorry unless it's an easy request with these and others, I do not think I will have time to do many more, but if anyone has any specific requests I will do what I can.