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10-11-09, 13:52
My great grandfather, Thomas John Davies, worked at tower colliery, hirwaun. He had an accident there which i think resulted in serious injuries to his leg(s) i would like to know if they keep records, as i would like to know what happend

10-11-09, 14:35
might be best to have a look here:

Tower Colliery (http://www.minersadvice.co.uk/tower.htm)

11-11-09, 10:52
had a look
can't see anything to do with accidents
so theres no offical records i could order?

Velma Dinkley
11-11-09, 10:59
You could try the local county record office as they may well hold the inquest reports, as well as local papers reporting it. If it was a major incident then you may well find it reported nationally in the Times newspaper, which is available online through subscription, or free through a library.

I have also been trying to find out about a colliery recently - mine was in West Yorkshire and tracked down the records to West Yorkshire Archives, although they didn't hold anything for the time period I was after. The National Coal Board had deposited the records with them, so it could be the same case in Wales and they will be in the local record office... :)

11-11-09, 11:04
have you had a look in our wiki?

we have a section on mining and there might be something there?

Mining and Heavy Industry - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Mining_and_Heavy_Industry)

11-11-09, 14:38
Thanks i will check the wiki ( thats one thing i never remember to do!)

Thank you, i will check the local paper and records

11-11-09, 15:00
Leah if you click on the link I gave in my other post (where it says mining and heavy industry) it will take you directly to that page in the wiki. :smilee:

Uncle John
11-11-09, 21:03
Tower Colliery was I think the last working colliery in South Wales, so hopefully the records have survived.

11-11-09, 21:06
thank you

yea, i guess that gives it a good chance of some surviving records

Barbara Dodds
11-11-09, 21:23
The biggest collection of records nationally is here The Coal Mining History Resource Centre (http://www.cmhrc.co.uk/site/home/)

It may be worth emailing Ian Winstanly as I think this is an ongoing project.