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Jill on the A272
08-11-09, 10:46
I've been looking at the re-marriage of the widow of someone in my tree, she married in 1898, but I've just found the banns for a previous marriage (same groom) a year earlier at a different church that never took place.


Does this mean she failed to turn up for 2 weddings, or failed to go to hear the banns read twice so the vicar wouldn't marry them? (I'm sure it wasn't compulsory to go, but it would be good manners to attend)

Crafty Sue
08-11-09, 13:41
I might be wrong, but I read it as the bride didn't turn up for either of the two weddings.

Christine in Herts
08-11-09, 13:46
I must say that I read it the same way as Sue: that two separate dates were set for teh wedding, but she turned up on neither occasion.

That is reinforced by the use of "neither". Banns are called on three occasions - and you are supposed to attend at least once to hear them read. You wouldn't expect "neither" to be used for three opportunities.


Jill on the A272
08-11-09, 13:51
Thanks ladies, it's the first time I've come across anything like that. As I said, they tied the knot eventually but it makes me wonder what on earth was going on!

Little Nell
08-11-09, 14:55
Perhaps she had cold feet?