View Full Version : Some help with dating this photo please

06-11-09, 22:05
Can anyone please put a date to this photo? Many thanks :smilee:

09-11-09, 06:00
i would say around 1890-1900. but the photo looks cropped, so im not sure.

23-03-12, 21:28

I am descended from Letitia Bayne. The woman in the photograph looks a lot like my 2xgreat grandmother. Can you confirm who this is?

- Lucia

Christine in Herts
25-03-12, 19:58
Hello Lucia

Looking at her profile (I clicked on her name in the left-hand window of her post) it appears that "Vee" hasn't been onto FTF for almost a year. (The fact that her name is in grey rather than navy blue already tells us that she hasn't been around for a while, at least.) I'm not sure what her settings are, but it might attract her attention if you sent her a personal message (PM), by clicking on her name and selecting that option from the drop-down menu that appears.


Mary from Italy
25-03-12, 22:41
Hi Lucia,

If you click on Gedcom at the top of the page, you can search for names, and it shows that Vee does indeed have Letitia Bayne in her tree.