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Linda from Murton
02-11-09, 15:59
Please forgive me if I've asked this before (ever had one of those days when you go round, and round in circles?)

I'm looking for the birth/baptism of Hugh Edward Bowman born c. 1853. I have his marriage certificate and his father was named as Joseph Bowman - carpet weaver.

I have found him on the 1881 onward Census and they all say he was born in Newcastle. The only reference I can find to him prior to this is a Hugh Bowman aged 19 and Joseph Bowman 17 living as Boarders with a family in Gateshead. They are both shown on the 1871 Census as Glass Makers and Hugh's marriage certificate shows him as a Glass Maker. My problems is that the 1871 Census shows him being born in Ireland.

He was married in Newcastle (St. Andrews) and lived in the Newcastle area for the rest of his life.

Its his start in life that has me stumped. I have tried that LDS site but it appears the "B" letter is not flavour of the day.

Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking.


Lin Fisher
02-11-09, 16:46

Just to let you know I have had a look at Freereg, Freebmd and Family search and like you found nothing.

I haven't got ancestry here at the moment.


Linda from Murton
02-11-09, 17:03
Many thanks for looking lin.

Kind regards Linda

02-11-09, 18:44
Have you tried looking at the Record search pilot on www.familysearch .org (the LDS site)?

It has images of the Bishops Transcripts for Durham which includes Northumberland and parts of Cumberland and Yorkshire. You have to browse the images as there is no search facility but I do know it definitely covers some Newcastle parishes for the time period you want.


Linda from Murton
02-11-09, 21:31
Thanks for that elemtee. Had not thought about that one. Will give it a go.

Kind regards - Linda

02-11-09, 23:38
Linda I have a link up Rellie with the Bowman name have looked in her tree no Hughes but 3 Josephs but none the age to fit in with being his father ;; and not in Newcastle area so sorry babe ;;tried

Linda from Murton
03-11-09, 08:48
Thank you for looking borobabs. This Hugh is one of those difficult ones.

Its the 1871 Census that threw a spanner in the works. If the Hugh and Joseph I found on there living with the Burdis family (cant find him anywhere else), the head of the household said that Hugh and Joseph came from Ireland. Every other census in later years, he said he was born in Newcastle.

As the man said "keep looking" Trouble is when you do the housework comes to a standstill. lol