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28-10-09, 15:48
Just received death cert. 1898. On it the informant my g/g/aunt gives her address as:

260 Boulevard

How can I find out how she got there? In 1891 she was a servant at Iver House Lodge, Iver, Bucks. For a Mr Hatt a Domestic Coachman.

Anyone live there who can help?

Cheers :smilee:

Christine in Herts
28-10-09, 15:56
Did she die there? If so, and you know when, you may be able to find a parallel record at TNA! I haven't the ref info here, at work, but will try to remember to post it when I get home. (If I don't, please feel free to PM me as a reminder!)

The records include details about occupations, residences, time/place/cause of death - if my recollection is correct... but in French, of course. It is unlikely to tell you how she got there, though, I'm afraid.


Velma Dinkley
28-10-09, 19:34
I could well be that she got a job with a family who moved to Paris. Have you found her in 1901 and 1911?

That address has been filmed by a Google car, search with the address on this site Google Maps (http://maps.google.co.uk/) and then drop the little orange man down onto the street. The buildings there look of that era and are possibly apartments now. Although back then it could have been a family home, with the servants quarters in the attic.

I love Paris... and have done virtual walks on Google Streetview, remembering two great trips there... :D

Anyway, thinking about the 1891... is there an Iver House listed on the census return? It doesn't sound right that a domestic coachman would have a servant... it's more likely that her living quarters just happened to be at the lodge, whilst the family and therefore employer was at the 'big house'. If so it might be worth searching for that family on the 1901 & 1911.


Velma Dinkley
28-10-09, 19:59
Unfortunately I'm not an expert in French genealogy, hopefully FTF's wiki page can help France - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/France)

And BTW... Iver is quite near here, and looking at a modern day map I cannot see an Iver House or an Iver House Lodge marked.

28-10-09, 20:07
Thanks Chris, look forward to your post.

Christine in Herts
28-10-09, 20:21
I'm not sure whether there are records as late as you're looking for. According to my scribbled notes (all re microfilms):

RG 35/8-13 France deaths 1831 - 1871 (e.g RG 35/12 1858-1870, France pt 4, drawer 243)
RG 33/58-77 Paris burials 1815 - 1869 (e.g. Paris BMB /58 1784-1789, /72 1846-1869 (drawer 242))


28-10-09, 20:26
I haven't found her on the 1901 census, she would be 62 by then. The 1891 census is strange in it's layout. Looking again after the Hatts (in the Lodge) there's the dash, then Eliza & another servant in Iver House, dash. Large family in The Woodlands. Back to Iver Lodge, large family of Boswell's dash, then Iver House again.
Think I'll search for the Hatt's, Cooper's then Boswell on the 1901/11.

28-10-09, 20:37
Hi Chris,

Not really has she was alive in 1898 here in Bucks. Think I'll try looking for the family she was a servant for.

Thanks Shirley

28-10-09, 21:28

Having taken a look at that 1891 for your Eliza she is def' in a household with just another servant there are no others with her so Mr Hatt is just a neighbour.

Velma Dinkley
28-10-09, 21:43
It looks like the family were away at the time then, which is a shame. I was thinking that perhaps at least one of them was French or that the head of the household was a diplomatic or merchant.

Who was living at Iver House in 1881 & 1901?

Velma Dinkley
28-10-09, 23:05
I don't have Ancestry membership, so looking at the LDS Family Search website at all the residents in Iver in 1881...

Found this one -

Mabel A Brooke born c1868 France aged 13
Living with grandfather Leonard B Christopher at Mansfield House, Iver, Bucks.

Not same property, but may be a good lead...

29-10-09, 08:55

In 1881 the property where your rellie worked was in the hands of Elizabeth A A Tompson (no H) bn circa 1825 London. This lady was the wife of one Robert James Tompson bn circa 1810 Iver Bucks. The Tomsons seemed ot own a lot of property in the Iver area. Elizabeth passed away in 1883.

Just posting this incase anyone is connected to the names

Elizabeth Anne Ashby Hilliard daughter of Nash Crosier Hilliard


Robert James Tompson son of Carrier Tompson

In London 1846.

In 1851 Elizabeth is back in Iver with her Mother in Law.

Sorry to overshadow your initial request.

29-10-09, 14:11
Hi all,

Tried all your suggestion's....no luck. Thank's for the Goolge map that was great. What a lovely building.
Stupid question, how would she have travelled...train, then across the channel, train again.
Wonder if I could find out who lived in that building in 1868?
Do I have a brick wall?????