View Full Version : Scottish National Institution 1901

colin taylor
28-10-09, 14:45
Looking for John Henderson born 1884 in Glasgow I find one at
Scottish National Institution
Stirlingshire Larbert

There are many scholars there between the ages of 7 to 19..

My John would have been orphaned in 1892 when his mother died

Does anyone know if the place is a College or a home for orphaned children

Just Gillian
28-10-09, 15:12
Colin, googling Scottish National Institution Larbert 1901 brings up several hits.

It seems to have been a home for "imbecile children".

colin taylor
28-10-09, 22:11
Thank you Gillian
Why didn't I think of Google..
Anyway thanks for the information.... I am trying to work forward to find out what happened to my John Henderson but it is quite a common name and I can not find him after 1891 when he is with his mother and her parents.