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27-10-09, 15:35
My OH seems to have come from a large smuggling family in Dorset.:eek: I have just found lots of them on the criminal register, but am interested in the details for Robert Northover b. abt 1783, who was transported. This could explain why the Robert I am tracing seems to have fallen off the radar. Could someone have a quick look to see what the details were please.

Many thanks


Elaine ..Spain
27-10-09, 15:41
Robert Northover age 60
County Sessions 3 January 1843
Larceny two convictions
7 yrs each conviction

27-10-09, 15:47
Thanks Elaine - so he was transported just for that! Any idea how I can find out more info on the transportation?


Elaine ..Spain
27-10-09, 15:55
There are some links in the wiki which may help you - scroll down page to Convicts to Australia. Sorry I don't know much about transportation apart from the passenger lists on Ancestry, and I can't see him on there.

Emigration and Immigration - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Emigration_and_Immigration)

27-10-09, 16:05
Thanks will have a look through them later.


28-10-09, 11:07
Hi - not sure that he made it to Australia. If it's the same person, he died on
the hulks at Portsmouth and Gosport. If you google his name and convict deaths on the hulks - May 1844-March 1847, it should come up. Wasn't sure if I could put the link on here, as it's on a cd for sale! :) There is also a list on microfilm at the UK Archives -
Title Home Office: Convict Prison Hulks: Registers and Letter Books
Covering dates 1802-1849