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20-10-09, 16:31
I am researching the Paget family, also found spelt: PADGETT/PAGGETT/PEGGETT.

I have located relatives back to 1871 with confirmed birth of William Henry, parents are:

William Henry Paget (circa 1842 born Bow) and
Selina Elizabeth CAMP (circa 1873 born Deptford) married in 1865 in Lewisham(Paget transcribed as PEGGETT) but I am sure it is the right marriage as Selina is an unusual name.

their children are:

Robert - 1867
Selina Elizabeth - 1870
William Henry - 1871
Ellen - 1880
Laura - 1885
Louisa 1888
Teresina - 1890

I am now trying to locate the family of William Henry born in 1842, I have looked at 1851 census (all counties) with no luck, so I am stuck. Can anyone help?

20-10-09, 16:33
The 1851 for London is incomplete so you may have a problem finding him.
PS Selina's birth year must be wrong as you have her as 1873 but marrying in 1865.

20-10-09, 16:49
Hi you're right, I have so much paper in front of me I have put the wrong birth year for Selina - It should read 1846!

20-10-09, 16:59
Have you got them in 1861? If so can you give the census ref please?

20-10-09, 17:06
Have you got the marriage cert for William and Selina? that would of course give his father's name so you could look at 1841 and 1861 if the pages you need in 1851 aren't available.

20-10-09, 17:14
LMA London marriages - Selina's father was Robert Jeremiah Camp, boiler maker and William's father William Henry Pegget, Tailor

20-10-09, 18:56
Is this your Paget family in 1881 RG11; Piece: 718; Folio: 46; Page: 19?
If so it says William was born Southwark c1836 and Selina born c1847.

20-10-09, 19:15
Hello Margaret

In answer to your question(s), no I don't have them in 1861 either. My last record of them is in 1871 living with in-laws the CAMP's at 13 Berthon Terrace, St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent under the name of PAGGETT.
In respect of 1881 birthplace he give 3 different places 1891 - Bow/ 1881 - Southwark and 1871 Deptford!?

In 1861 Selina (aged 14) is living at 12 Church Street, Deptford.

I don't have the marriage cert for William and Selina yet, but I do know that Selina's father was Robert CAMP, her mother was Selina.

JudithM has posted info that may help - Thank you JudithM